Hetzer Walk-Around

Hetzer Walk-Around:

Patton Museum Hetzer:
On the heels of the new Takom Hetzer kit coming out, here is a walk-around of several vehicles I have encountered. Some are original WWII AFVs and some are back-dated post-war items.

G-13 Back-dated Vehicle seen here:
Post-war Hetzer

This one has the late 4-hole idler wheel.
At some point this vehicle was back dated to look more as a WWII AFV.

All photos © Mike Koenig - All Rights Reserved

G-13 Engine Details:
Patton Vehicle

All photos © Mike Koenig - All Rights Reserved


Hetzer Interior:
This vehicle is/was in the Collection of Kiesler Police Supply & Firearms; Indiana.
To my knowledge this vehicle is WWII era original and complete.


Note wartime 8-hole rear idler wheel as seen above.
(If it does not have teeth it is not a sprocket.)

Front Drive Sprocket above.

Rear firewall.

This last photo is Patton vehicle with cabin roof deck removed for maintenance.

All photos © Mike Koenig - All Rights Reserved


Unknown Vehicle - Buckley Homestead Event; Lowell, Indiana:

All photos © Mike Koenig - All Rights Reserved


Are these engine photos original or post war engine?

Great shots of the Hetzer in action!

And if it doesn’t say “Spacely’s” it’s just an ordinary sprocket.


It could be a Cogswell Cog!


Those first engine photos are of the Patton post-war vehicle

Help Jane! Stop this crazy thing . . . !

Take care… a lot of this are G13 (postwar) more or less converted in Hetzer

The Patton Hetzer is most likely a G-13 but the Keisler owned vehicle is, I believe, original WWII as stated in the text.

The Patton Hetzer was a G-13. Somewhere I have an old photo of it with the muzzle brake on it.

Never saw it with a brake.

Oh sure, now I have to dig out my old photos and scan something.

Not a big surprise, that was back in the 1970s. These are a pair of post cards I bought at the Patton Gift shop in 1980, when I was going through training:

The caption on the back of the top one reads: German 38 (T) Tank Destroyer and Volkswagen “Jeep”. These restored, operational vehicles are featured at the Patton Museum “Living History” Demonstration each July Fourth.


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More on the Wartime Keisler Hetzer:

And Again:

Remote MG mount

Frontal Area:

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Great walk-around. Keep the pics coming.

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And the Rear Plate:

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Barrel Rifling:

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From the Patton Museum Library; Icks Collection:

NOTE: Early 12 hole idler, horizontal muffler, muzzle brake and unusual “boar’s head” mantlet design.

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