HMS CALCUTTA, Crete 1941

Hi Jan,

I think it would be an interesting project, the only really difficult bit would be scratchbuilding the 6" guns, Black cat make the 3" and a few other useful bits and peices. It is something I would very much like to build, as the appearance would be quite destinctive. Nice colourful prewar scheme too.

Might need a little patience mate. :grin:

Cheers, Si

Thanks Mark,

Working adding detail to the turned out Davits at the moment, then rigging.



A bit of slow progess over the lasr week or so.

As the whalers on the f’ord davits are meant to be built swung out, a little furnature needed to be added.

The pole (cannot remember the correct name) that stops the boat swining back into the davits was made from a couple of peices of plastic rod, and the triangular supports came from an etched sheet from Albion Alloys, designed for connecting sections of brass tube.

The details, and the beginnings of the rigging for davits in place.

All painted, Some standing rigging has been added to the two derrick booms, and a couple of ladders, one on each side, keading from the compass platform to the foretop.

Finally, for this update.

spotting gear fitted to the foretop.

A few more small details to go, and then the maindeck railings.

More soon

Cheers, Si


Hi Si,

I didn’t know the name of that davit bumper-thing either - you got me curious, so I did a search:

Apparently it was called a “gripping spar” with “pudding” pads. Hilarious!

Anyway, with your progress with the boats the build is really coming together. As a pathetically slow builder myself, I’ve always admired the velocity of your construcions. Carry on!