Hot Out of the Molds 2023

Foremast top added

Quad 50’s and 4 inch AA guns, searchlights and etc added

boats added

Davits and small liferafts attached and DONE

My next campaign will be a BIG plane


Nice build and details stand out nicely on it bearing in mind its size. Not sure I would be happy working with stuff that small so hats off for that … lovely work :+1:

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Ships are not really my cup of tea, but your build impresses me nevertheless, excellent!
Very good :ok_hand: :ok_hand:


Beautiful build, Stevie! Congrats on finishing.

Just about ready to put together the components and spray the second camo color.


Paint is done and doing some weathering. How do the roadwheels look so far? This is with a filter over the base camo, some late summer-looking pigments in a few shades, and a faint brushing with a dust pigment. Going to add some grease stains around the appropriate spots and a wash on bolt heads and such.


Looks pretty nice to me :+1:


Looks great! One can really go into detail with the weathering in this scale. :+1:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks to all that participated in the campaign this year! We are not done yet, but only a few days remaining. If anyone needs a short extension, let me know.

I will make a list of all finishers in January 2024 and post the list here for comments in case I missed somebody. Then I will submit names for medals to staff Jim.

If you want to sign up for the new Hot Out Of The Molds 2024 campaign you can do it here Hot Out Of The Molds 2024

See you soon with a lot of new crisp plastic on the modelling bench :grin:

Oh yes, I almost forgot my end pics:

The run of tracks right of the driver are my own addition.

Yes, I know the insignia is askew. That is how it was depicted on the guide sheet and someone didn’t double check. Don’t tell my wife and everything will be fine.


Looks like you probably could use a few more panzer iiis???

This one is really nicely done!

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Beautiful Big Pz. III! Congrats on finishing!

What are those figures? Looks like WWII GIJoe style?

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21st Century Toys.

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I think i forgot to place the end result pictures of my Fokker S-11, sorry about that!
I will do that asap tomorrow

Here we go with the finished product

Painted in the typical overall yellow Dutch Air Force livery

Would i buy/build the kit again, short answer yes already have another one in the stash. Biggest minor in my opinion is the canopy, its width is not in scale so the next time i will make sure to widen the fuselage a bit so it looks more in proportion. Pity that the canopy is not in 2 pieces anyway

next year’s build is going to be the RF-8 looking forward to it :slight_smile:


Looks great, Jan. A beautiful little bird :+1:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks to all how contributed to the campaign. Great to see many different entries across so many scales and model categories.

Hope to see you again in Hot Out Of The Molds 2024.

Below are the finishers for this campaign. I will leave the list for a couple of weeks and then submit to staff Jim for awarding the medals.

Please let me know if I missed anybody or misspelled the username



Patafix is sometimes very usefull ! :+1: