Hot Out Of The Molds 2024

The trailer is finished:


I am going to build the new HMCS Warrior for the “Hot Out of the Molds 2024” campaign.

Details are quite crisp

Color callouts are for Colour Coats and Tamiya paints and Jamie Duff was consulted on the color scheme
There are 3 Firefly’s and 3 Seafires included


the dry fit of the hull went well


Looks interesting! What scale is it?

Interesting ship! I never heard of HMCS Warrior. I Will need to google it.

Looking forward to see more :slightly_smiling_face:

I am not quite sure I understand this? You scrape of the shiny part of a CD and glue it on the lens? Is that even possible?

1/700 scale

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With the hull glued together there is a slight gap where the rear hull part mates to the hull

Because I plan to attach the kit to a base using screws I glued a piece of styrene sheet to the bottom of the hull to strengthen it


i don’t know how i missed this earlier but I’d like to enter with these star wars legion figures: Sun Fac & Poggle the Lesser which were released a little while ago.

I’m not sure when i can get them painted as the family and i are due to fly to Spain on Monday.


Gap at stern sanded smooth and then primed with Tamiya primer

The assorted sponsons ready for painting


Great choice, David. Are you going to go for the original colors from the movie?
I do not know how long you are planning on staying in Spain, but the campaign runs to the end of the year, so there is still time :wink::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Nice progress, Stevie!

I’m just here in Spain for 2 weeks, i wish it was longer.
as for the figures, yeah i will try to make them screen/box art accurate when i get back.