How do you organize all your tools/supplies?

Not sure where to post this?

Since covid I have just spread stuff out on a couple of tables behind my work bench. Now I’m using that table for other stuff and I don’t know what to do with all the stuff I accumulated. (I got serious about modeling again at the start of covid and have accumulated … a lot.

I don’t need any tips in organizing paint or painting supplies, I’ve pretty much got that down.
The basic tools that I keep out on my bench are fine also - tweezers, snips, files, glue.
But I have loads of other different kinds of things - several kinds of tapes, wires, PE tools, sculpting tools, larger sanding stuff. I bought one toolkit which helped, but most toolkits aren’t really made for this kind of stuff I think.

… help …

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Dunno if this really counts as organized so much as barely contained.

Various files, saws, sticks, knives and other sharp things along with all the harry sticks

Sanding and putty, decals and other odd bits go in the big drawers. Small blue ones are fiddly spares.

I keep meaning to construct some sort of tape roll organizer, maybe one day.

Under the desk are a couple of storage boxes with dremel bits and some other stuff. I think mine are Stanley brand. They’ve got adjustable dividers and are meant for screws and stuff like that.

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Resistance is futile.

I have excepted those things I cannot change.

On a slightly more useful note - when I actually manage to put my tools where they belong - this turntable is very useful. Add bins and simple stands/holders to suit your needs.

Good luck.





When it comes to tools, I tend to avoid buying items marketed specifically as “toolkits.”

FWIW… Mien Panzerwerk.

Old repurposed dresser for LOTS of stuff.

Boxes… lots and lots of boxes!

Now where in hell did I put that doo-hickey? :thinking:

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Explain the toothbrush. Is that sandpaper on the green one?

Yup… one of my favorite tools! :hammer_and_wrench: :smile:

Keeping like things together is about all I can manage. On top of the desk, the windowsill above, the desk drawers, a tool box, the cabinet below my spray booth, a rolling cart from Costco and a rolliing multi drawer cart that Rubbermaid used to make. I think “contain” is the best that I can do ( and only partially at that ).


Well I know what I’m making tomorrow! Just cut off the bristles and glue it on? Tape? I need details man!

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Amazon: ‘GUM Crayola Toothbrushes Soft 2 ea’

Scale Hobbyist: ‘Dremel 240 grit Fine Sanding Disc’

Cut off the bristles and glue the disc on with CA. Note: The mechanism doesn’t rotate, it oscillates. Works really well.

Disclaimer: DO NOT USE ON TEETH! :grin:


I got an organizer from Akron Mills off of Amazon, I’ll drop a photo tomorrow morning. Works great, their stuff is a tad expensive, but all my tools find a home in it.

I’ve just seen some taller rotating desk or cosmetics organisers, in clear acrylic or wood. Better than low ones. Holds lots.

Andrew T

What is this “organize” of which you speak? :thinking:

I have a fishing-tackle toolbox for my main tools (so I can take it to shows, and club nights), and a desk area in the living room with several styles of caddies and pegboard for bigger stuff. Then there’s several boxes with paints on/under the desk, and in my office a collapsible spray booth on the desk with a roll-out drawer-pedestal with all my sprayable (Tamiya) paints. Then there’s a large canvas tote with all the Evergreen plastic that lurks in a corner…


Like Tom, I have found that the most efficient organizer of my most-used hand tools is a plastic tackle box. I filled this box to go to a club members house for quarterly build days, and found that leaving these tools in the box and placing it on the floor next to me kept them at hand, but off my bench, and neatly stowed at all times.

I have a large bench, so there’s room for tools I use constantly to stay on it.

Then for my oft-needed but not necessary tools I have a tool caddy that sits at the edge of the bench that I got online -

And for various other tools that must be owned by the experienced modeler, I have a tool maker’s chest purchased from Micro-Mark and a set of drawers from Ikea -

This keeps everything in it’s place, out of sight, and very organized. I can’t work in chaos. OCD you know.


Oh hells no! I’m far too clumsy to have things on the floor. I would walk all over and kick that every time I (the elephant) was in the room! :elephant: :joy:


How do you get the water to stop shooting out of it?? :laughing:

:smile: It’s just a toothbrush, not to be confused with a Waterpik.

Keeping all frequently used tools, front and center is my method. Two small tool holder racks, wood rack & two shoe holders re-purposed as cubby hole storage.

Whatever I’m not working with is returned to the holders after use. I like to keep work space organized and relatively clutter free.

Seldom used or restock items go in various drawers.

Just dump everything into a pile on my workbench, then scrape out a space about the size of the teacup saucer to work in. No need to fret or worry… I know it’s there somewhere… Only have to keep looking…



I wish Google Search would work at the workbench level! :mag: I literally couldn’t find the thing I was looking for yesterday until It showed-up when it wasn’t needed anymore today! :rage: :joy:

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