How many models do you have on the bench?

It’s normal…just not conducive to finishing a model, YMMV.

I only build one at a time. Having more than one incomplete drives me nuts.


I’m a one thing at a time kind of guy….

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Oh my… I have at least five on the shelf above my work area- a trio of Shermans that are just far enough along to allow me to recall at a glance what my end result is to be, a couple in paint ready to weather, and maybe three other oddballs that are awaiting motivation. Then there’s the “other” shelf, behind me, the has a three or four very basic hulls begun, just to keep me occupied if I can’t get moving on anything stalled. I try to keep the number of models on the bench, under actual construction, to two, to avoid confusion. (Tongue in cheek…)
I’m bad about starting projects based on a whim, then getting diverted by something else, or finding some AM stuff in the stash I’d forgotten about that I want to use on something.
Other than that, I’m pretty focused. :rofl:


Technically, no one can have more than what they are physically currently working on ‘on the work bench’, the rest are ‘awaiting completion’… :rofl: :rofl:

How many am I working on , on and off, I try not to count…

I love the build but by the time painting comes around I am itchy to start a new project. What I have actively rotating through:
In Build 3
Awaiting paint (or repaint) 4
Awaiting weathering 3
Needing groundwork and base finishing 3

do it, it is an awesome kit!

If you count shelf queens in various stages, then I have technically 5 in build/working stages. Another category of various building, is 3 “do-overs”, so it would take a modelling referee to determine if I have 5, or 8! :thinking:

Here is my queue. Most are stacked up circling the paint booth…

  1. Dragon M4 105mm How Sherman - ready for winter camo
  2. Vargas Scale Models 3D printed Liberty MK VIII - awaiting custom decals
  3. U-Models resin 58mm Trench Mortar - chipping
  4. Dragon T-19 105mm HMC - primed and pre-shaded awaiting base paint
  5. Panzer Concepts 3D printed 6" Gun on Carriage M1917 - primed awaiting pre-shading
  6. Das Werke M1918 155mm Howitzer - adding airbrake system and handbrake cables
  7. Tamiya (Italeri) M107 - HOLD - hull & tube built, lots of work remaining on the cradle details, hydraulics, and loader/rammer. Decision - continue to modify and detail or start-over using the new AFV Club M110 as the basis only salvaging the tube/breach/breechblock?

In addition, I clean, bag, and tag kits prior to reaching my bench. This can be done just about anywhere with very minimal tools. I’ve cleaned, bagged, and tagged while modeling with friends, on the back deck, in hotels, and even on a cruise ship. It consists of removing and sanding/prepping all of the parts for an assembly step and putting them in a small zip-lock bag numbered with the assembly step number. When it’s ready for the bench, the kit goes together very quickly as the prep work is already done.

I have the following cleaned, bagged & tagged, and ready for assembly:

  1. M707 Knight (Tamiya M1025 HMVEE & Blast resin sensor assembly)
  2. M1200 Armored Knight (Trumpeter M1117 Guardian& Formations resin conversion)
  3. Trumpeter M198 155mm Howitzer
  4. AFV Club M102 105mm Howitzer
  5. M2A4 Light Tank (Academy M3 Honey & MMK resin conversion kit)
  6. Commander Models resin M1918 155mm Gun GPF WW2
  7. Commander Models resin M1897A4 75mm Gun on Carriage M2A3

I exercise my constitutional right to NOT list my queue on the grounds that I might incriminate myself…


Usually two or three. Right now I have a 1/48 F/A-18 tribute build under construction, an HO structure kit in the weathering phase, and several HO scale signals in the wiring phase. I find I get more done if I have a variety of things going on, keeps my interest up.


That’s not an issue for me, I’m already nuts!


Currently working a 1/32 109G-6 late version and a 1/32 190A-7 grabbed off Ebay missing decals and instructions. It will become an unknown unit night fighter. Oh and I’m actually more of an armor guy… :thinking:

Over 30 in various states. I’m very much a scratch builder so lack in information for a particular component or lack of inspiration how to build the component often sees something sidelined until information or inspiration appears.

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I havealmost done: Tamiya M4A3 that I put alot of extra work into, got burned out on it a long while back but dived in again the other night-95% build is done, M32 at the 90% point but discovered test fitting the the recovery boom doesn’t clear as advertised so reserving judgment still and finally Dragons Stug III ausf g that I started quite sometime ago and felt it was out of reach when I got into it, but picked it up Wednesday and went to town to finish it. only the indy link tracks left to do. At paint I’ve got 3 vehicles base coated and a pair of 15cm Panzerwerfer 42’s from Italeri for a potential diorama have the yellow down. Green added tonight and brown tomorrow.

So I have a tendency to have several builds going and a bunch stacked at paint, then I switch gears, go nothing but painting for a long stretch.

I keep several projects going, build and etc… Keeps the project burnout at bay.

Way too many.


1 Bergepanzer III
2. Me262-A1
3. Bf109-E4
4. 1965 Shelby GT-350
5. 1966 Shelby GT-350H
6. 1967 Mustang GT Fastback
7. 1967 Mustang GT-350
8. 1968 Mustang GT-500
9. 1969 Boss 302
10. 1971 Mustang Mach I
11. 1962 Ford Thunderbird Roadster
12. 1959 El Camino
13. L4500 truck in German camo
14. Marder I 7.5cm Pak 40/1 auf Gw.Lr.s.(f) SdKfz 135
15. 15cm sFH13/1 (Sf) auf Gw.Lr.s.(f) SdKfz 135/1
16. 10.5cm leFH18/4 auf Gw.Lr.s.(f)(Becker)

Most are awaiting paint or putting together of subassemblies. Armor is 1/35; aircraft are 1/32. Cars are 1/24-1/25.

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Myself, I’ll only allow one model in build on the bench, that being said the real question for me is “How many models have whipped me and been put on the back burner?” . . .
There’s an M151A1 with a Xenon light in the bed that got stalled because the Tamiya light is so grossly inacurate _ re-boxed, awaiting sentencing.
A Hobbyboss F4U-4 that re-affirmed I suck at airplane models never got off the ground.
An Academy 1:72nd TBF Avenger proved to be a collossal poor kit was kicked to the curb and took my modeling intrest with it for quite a while.
Intrest revived . . .
Picked up where I left off five years ago on a M578 Verlinden conversion and was going great guns for a while but the assembly is proving so challenging that I dread going into the workroom and trying to get it to paint stage.
Mojo gone.
Been paying KitMaker more attention only to realize my frustration from seeing nice builds and new Vietnam offerings becoming available meanwhile I just can’t get my head into it.
I’ve got too many kits in que to build for a project that’s too big and being overwhelmed by that makes me browse and daydream of all the kits I want (need) to create the magnificent SEA diorama that has already consumed half of a guest bedroom.
On top of all that nothing I’ve built is completely finished, there’s headlights to paint, artillary shells to paint, decals for ammo cans, C-rat boxes to fold up . . .
And when’s that darn CH54 coming out, that with D7/Rome plow slung underneath would just fit in the corner of the room approaching the drop site. :face_exhaling:

Cajun :crocodile:

i actually have a very small bench to work on. My wife preferres that i model in the living room rather then in the hobbyroom (more social that way) so i do all work on this small table except for painting. It only allows two models at one time…


Counting shelf queens and “paused” projects, I think it’s seven total in process.


Realistically, one building, two in paintings & weathering process.