How many models do you have on the bench?

I once had 4 versions of the Soviet T tanks in 1/35 scale on the bench.

Four versions of a tank, you say?

Panzer III madness

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On my bench currently are 4 kits, and around the bench another 3 kits…maybe 4…I’m losing track.

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The answer is one. There is only one model actively on the bench.
1:48 Challenger 2 - final weathering

Active projects close to but not on the bench: Five
1:35 Border Crusader III - awaiting tracks & final weathering
1:35 Border Crusader II - awaiting tracks & final weathering
1:48 Tamiya Lancaster - wings and landing gear finished, interior done, about to close fuselage.
1:35 Tamiya Challenger 1 with a heap of SMM update sets - building
1:35 RFM M1A1 AIM SA (Australian version) - interior done, painting mostly complete, exterior needs a couple of things to complete the turret then weathering

Started projects quite close to the bench: Six
1:35 Accurate Armour Chieftain AVLB - built awaiting paint
1:35 Tamiya M8 Greyhound - building
1:35 HD Models Ram Kangaroo - building
1:35 Tamiya M26 Dragon Wagon x 2 - building
1:35 Tasca M4 Hybrid Sherman 1C - building

Stash: That is in a completely different room. It is not even close to the bench so doesn’t count.

I only have one but I am planing to start another.

I have been thinking about this idea for a while and though I have not put it into practice but I will like to hear others point of view here about it.

Idea is to build multiple kits of same subject at the same time. Doing this might help me same time and at the same point make a sufficient dent into my collection. Otherwise, I will need multiple life times to finish the collection.

For example, I just started a 1/32 F-15E here and I have 4 of these kits. I should start 2 or 3 of these together as most of the steps are the same in all of this kit…being a same subject. If any changes and there might be some will be minor…different weapons. The major part in the end will be the paint job and the markings.

It might seem like a lot of work in the beginning as I will have to do each step 2 or 3 times but in the end I should be able to build quicker as I should get better and faster with repetition. Right?

Yes, assembly line style. Done this before with Trumpeter SU-27’s and Academy F-18’s, all 1/32 scale.

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Depends if you count the shelf of shame.

Trumpeter Topol-M TEL
AFV Club Churchill Carpet Layer
Takom Blitz Stug III Ausf G late
Miniarts Werkstattkraftwagen
AFV Club M109A6 Paladin

Tamiya sd.kfz.7/1 flakvierling

Shelf of Shame:
RFM M1150 Assault Breacher
Takom Chieftain Mk10
Takom IDF AMX-13
Trumpeter Pantsir S1

The M1150 probably won’t ever see the light of day and the Pantsir is 90% done but likely will not ever see the light of day either as i screwed up the masking and the windows all look like Ivan and Vasily have been hotboxing for ten hours straight in there… but I’m hoping the two Takoms might be resurrected.

Plenty to be getting on with, I’ll be busy for… oooh a Tiger.

I don’t think there’s a ‘normal’ here. It’s a hobby and we should each do what makes us happy.

I typically have at least 20 projects in some state of construction, and while I will freely admit that is stupid and inefficient, like I said, it’s a hobby so who cares. The drawbacks are obvious, but it makes me happy.

I am usually actively working on maybe 3 projects at a time. The only positive aspect I can think of with this system is, once I decide to focus on something it can get done fast. :wink: …because it may be almost done.

I just finished two vignettes and expect to finish a third in a few weeks I have at least 6 T-34s and two SU-100s in progress; an IS-2; an ISU-152; an M4A1;a Tiger; a Panzer IVG; an M577; two SdKfz-223s; a jeep; a Dodge 3/4 ton truck; a KV; a GAZ-M1 car; a BT-5; a BT-7; two T-70s; an M3 Stuart; an M3 Lee; an M47; a Stug-IV…and an F4F wildcat. Guess that’s more than 20…


Personally, I can only manage one at a time. There may be the odd kit laying around the workspace, but it is effectively dead, until I re-engage with the build. Generally, I complete a build, start to finish.

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Just moved states…had them in progress in both places. Total of 12 in various stages!! Hope to finish 6 yet this year.


I’m addict of workbench…
I have dozens of models on bench, most of them are 1/48 scale AFV.
I’m finishing Masters of T-72 Serie with an T-72A/AV and Ural turrets.

Next will be BTR-70/80/90 Family, began again few months ago, after abandoned them for more than 15 yrs.

BMP-1 Ksh

T-64 turrets and hull are on the way too




And serie of 1/48 Puma family with AS-532 Cougar and EC-725 Caracal on bench…

Cool weeks of work



Right now, I have an Academy M1165A1 GMV, a Rye Field Type 82E Kubelwagen and an Academy M-113 Nagmach APC on the bench, while i have several others assembled, but in need of paint and detail work.

Trying desperately NOT to start on another kit.

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Interesting questions and responses.
I’m a kitchen table builder so I can only have 1 or 2 on the bench at any one session. Right now I’m juggling a collection of Dragon 1/144 German armor and a HobbyBoss 1/700 Typhoon. Should be easy right? I have about 20 other models in the pile of shame, I use Yankeesteve’s plastic box method. After the armor collection and Typhoon will be a 1/200 Mercury Redstone (needs mounting) and a Tamiya 1/35 Pak 35/36 (need to finish painting and weathering). This coming year and a half will be for finishing up some of the models in the pile of shame and doing some Airfix builds for club contests. A relaxing stress-free build year after being an Incident Commander/Safety Officer/Facility Engineer for the COVID response.

I have contemplated off and on over starting all my kits by doing subassemblies here and there. This seems crazy but when I did my mass Panzer III build I found it easier to do a whole bunch of the same step all at one go–14 sets of road wheels teaches you routine and discipline.

If I do this my number would then go into the hundreds. It will also make all of my kits less marketable in the event of my passing. Wife will be thrilled.

37 part complete at present… :cold_sweat:
I keep seeing interesting kits to buy and then can’t wait to start them. I put in loads of work to build and paint then can’t bring myself to risk a weathering disaster so the shelf of doom just expands and expands.
I’ve only actually finished 3 in the last 6 years.


@yankeesteve I love your use of the plastic totes for your work-in-progress. Off to the storage store…

Managed to clear the avenger off the bench this weekend. Now on to weathering the KV-1, hope to have it done this week!

That will leave only a Leopard C2, and archer needing weathering, and a Centurion Sho’t needing paint. But I can’t help myself and plan to crack open an Elefant when o finish the KV-1


yes, Lol, when you start buying containers to hold your unfinshed builds. I feel ya.

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