HTTP vs. HTTPS image links

every single instance of http: has been turned into https:

I think you should see and be able to click on this pen-icon
in the top right corner of the posts.

If you can access it it should display something like this:

Changes would then be marked with colour red/pink or pale green

Sorry I can’t follow you, which post was that?

Somewhere up in the beginning of this topic, 24 days ago.
All edited posts have the little pen icon in the top right corner
but it may only be visible for some of us.

Ok Robin,

first of all, why you haven’t answered my question, what happens, when you click onto the Source:

Now I’ll eat something and then answer your screenshots regarding the pencil, which I have seen now.

You sent that question as a private message
and I answered with a private message.

This was in the PM I sent you:

Sorry Robin, I’m still not so familiar with the communication ways here in the forum, therefore learning by doing!

But your answer is very interesting for me, especially that you can click, where all of us can see now that the link to John O’Connors fantastic website is not an insecure connection, what I’ve told you the whole time!!!

Then you should also be able to open this link

to this awesome website about the Launch Complex 39A,

which works as I have seen now too, wow!!!

And ther you can scroll down to some great MLP Panoramas, which I have linked wit my images.

Her is one Panorama which opens directly by clicking.

At the right Booster Exhaust Port which can be opened by clicking this link!

The browsers use the presence or absence of the ‘s’ in http vs https to decide if they believe the link to be insecure.
I can click on empty images (the empty rectangles) and open the “unsecure” images in a new tab, see the screenshots in my previous posts.
In your post above I can the click the link and move to the website. I can also see the screen image which has a https link (it has been uploaded to Kitmaker and Kitmaker uses https)
Sometimes the upload takes some time and it can feel as if the image doesn’t work.

Edit: In one of my previous posts I compared the behavious of Chrome and Firefox.
Chrome showed the images here in the topic, both with http and https, when I tried to open a http-linked image in a new tab Chrome complained that it was unsecure.
Firefox refused to show the http-linked image in the topic but had no problems to show it in a
new tab when I had actively clicked on it.
Firefox acts like this: “OK boss, you clicked on it so you know what you are doing.”
Chrome behaves like this: “OK boss, I can show you the image since it is only an image but I will have to warn you if you click on it.”
Maybe these behaviours can be changed in the security settings for the browsers. The easy way out of this confusion is to use https links instead of http.
The images are visible for all with the https-links but some have issues with http-links.

But as one can see, Robin, all these Panoramas by John O’Connor are correctly working http links and not https links.

And now to your changing https links in my posts in http links. This works for all simple jpgs and Emojis, but not for the links, what I have found in the Source text, as one can see here,

where you have changed http into https too, wich doesn’t work.

When I view that post in the topic (NOT in the edit-comparison window) I get this:

I changed the nasatech links back to only http.
The normal behaviour when clicking an image (i.e. an image that can be clicked) is that I get the image displayed on its own in a pop-up window. Sometimes I can click further to get the original image in full size. This happens when the forum software has reduced the size of the image file so that there is something larger to be found somewhere.
When I click this image (with a restored nasatech link, back to only http)

I get launched into something different:

The image in that link can be rotated.

Very confusing.
What should be done is like this:
3D-rotatable view of the same area at nasatech
This can be added by clicking the chain-link icon:
which will pop-up this dialogue where you paste the link to nasatech and add a descriptive text
Hiding the link behind a photo becomes utterly confusing.

I think I have modified all links to the interactive nasatech dioramas to work properly.
The links are now “hidden” behind this “prompt” 3D-rotatable view of this area at nasatech
instead of being hidden behind the screen shot image.

You’ve put a lot of effort into fixing this annoying problem, for which I thank you.

The thread has become very confusing due to the many comments on changes, which I don’t like.

One could live with your last solution with the linked headline (3D rotatable view) above the nasatech image, although the same nasatech URLs (http) are linked in my previously linked images.

However, not all links have been corrected by you, which is why I laboriously traced back to the beginning.

That’s why the best solution would be for your admins to temporarily grant me permanent editing options, as I’m used to from other forums, at least for the time of the backward corrections. Then I can clean it up myself and at the same time complete other non-linked panoramas.

The images linking to nasatech have been remodeled to
look like this:

Many/most viewers do not click on images to enlarge them, hiding the linking to the 3D views behind the image is bad design for a user interface. It does not give the user a hint that there is something interesting to discover.

The ability for unlimited editing comes “packaged” in the trust level system used by Discourse, you can read about it here: Understanding Discourse Trust Levels

I can see your point that this has become a bit muddled with all this http vs. https stuff. If you’d like Manfred we can break these posts off into another sub-topic for this. That way your blog is clean.

You were right about the nasatech site. Any site that has no SSL certificate won’t be able to have it’s URL converted to a secure one. This is sort of a problem for webmasters going forward though and entities like Google have made waves about not even search indexing sites that don’t have secure SSL connections.

For the sites you are hosting images on that do support SSL though perhaps it’s just a matter of setting your initial bookmark to the https version of the site, that way any image links you grab will have the secure link vs. the insecure one.

Best wishes,


I would second the plan to break those specific posts away Jim , and place them in a sub topic if possible as not to distract to much from Manfred’s main blog ?


This is what my browser allows me to see when the image links start with http:
Many browsers require that the links start with https: where the ‘s’ means secure or a variant of secure (sicher).

Which link is causing the problems?
Can you copy it from your post and put it in a reply to my post?

Don’t you see any images at all?

And how does the post in the Nasaspaceflight forum (NSF) look like for you?

I copy the whole NSF post into KitMaker and hope that you are able to see all images.

A few images and some of the smileys and stuff show up.
I can view the images in the spaceflight forum as well.
The images refuse to show up in the Kitmaker posts which
seems strange, I can view them if I copy the link and open it
outside of Kitmaker.
Others have also been having problems:

Hello friends,

I’ve been posting on multiple forums on safe sites for more than 10 years:

Nowhere else are there such problems as here on KitMaker, which is why I’m considering whether it makes sense to continue posting here. It’s all taking me too much time dealing with these issues, let alone the frustration.

Your admins should deal with that.

I have been editing your posts to add the little ‘s’ to turn http into https