ICM Leyland Retriever build

OK a new project. I’m not sure it belongs in Armor/AFV or automotive. Armor won!

I’ve always had a hankering for trucks and in particular some of the WW2 trucks. They is just big n ugly. The sort I like.

First impressions of the ICM kit is mixed. Sort of good and sort of ho-hum.
The kit is their #35600.
Not a lot of parts. The build has been quick and simple. Instructions are ok with just a few ‘huh?’ moments. The detail is great in part but very basic in other parts. ie I would have liked more detail in the engine department. I’ve searched the web for images and what I have found shows a very simple engine so it may not be such a big issue. Tyres are great. But I’m struggling to figure out to ad ‘weight’ to their profile. Any hints?
The plastic is VERY soft. Cutting parts off the sprues needs to be done with caution. Sanding and cleaning up the sprue gates needs to be done with care especially on smaller parts.

Any way here’s where I’m up to. I’m just building a nondescript trucks with little weathering and damage.
FWIW I normally paint as I go. But I’ve been watching some of the ‘greats’ like NightShift on YouTube and he paints after he is finished. So I’m trying that method. Wish me luck.



Does the kit come with “canvas” for the cargo area or just the cab’s canopy?

You got a nice start on this interesting looking snub-nosed truck - one I’ll need to look into adding to my stash.


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Cab roof is canvas. Rear cargo is also canvas. You get an option of with or without the rear canvas.

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It’s worth noting with this version (35600) you can also build the Early Production version (35602) although this isn’t an option shown on the instructions and kit 35602 appears not to include the rear canvas option either. If you fancy the even more primitive version just get 35600 and download the 35602 instructions from the ICM website (instructions link at the top right of the page):

This the kit BGT is building if you wish to follow along:



A bit more work. Note I’ve decided to build the kit without the canvas cover on the back. That requires installing all the framework. These frames are very fine/thin and can break EASY. The plastic is very soft. So be warned.
The second image has a red arrow. That points to where there should be two holes to locate the frame. There is only one hole. Both sides are the same. You need to drill the holes to fit the frames.
I taped my frames on and then glued all the joints. I want to be able to remove the frame for painting and adding a load. It is very fragile so I’m taking bets on how many times I will break it.
Caution - I use Mr Cement glue on the joints. Too much glue will melt the plastic. I know because one of my joints failed because it simply melted.


Nice looking truck ! It would be nice to have a british truck in plastic for modern period.

I have to agree with you @BGT - I like these old war-time trucks too- big and ugly they most certainly are! Best of luck with the build.

One wonders how the real things stood up in a combat environment. Were they wood? Steel? Bolted? Welded?

Enjoying your build very much and taking copious notes for my copy of this great Allied truck. Thanks for sharing!


Are you planning some extravagant painting?

I’m not sure of the paint. It was considering a post war scheme.