IDF 75 Campaign

Thank you and - I’m still working the “hairy stick” :smile:

What type of paint are you using, Peter. It seems to have a glossy shine to it?

Looking forward to see more :slightly_smiling_face:

In most cases I use Gunze Aequous Color. They are mostly semi-gloss, so the shiny effect. But in the end a light matt finish will be applied.
But it helps for the decals.

Clear coat of Glänzer is on, next come the decals. Unfortunately I had overlooked one of the two decals for the underside of the wings and had to dismantle at least the two outboard wing pylons…
Well, sh… happens :crazy_face:


Lol… I seriously cannot remember how many times I’ve had to force/break / remove something as I put it on to early … :+1: … Cam looks great though :+1: