IDF 75 Campaign

Even, if I could make a recommendation, go with a Meng kit for the Merkava, and save yourself the nightmare of the ball and chain armor.

Thanks. I shall take your advice into consideration. I’ve heard about those chains. Will let you know.

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Evan @Evan welcome to the forums and hope you enjoy it all. There’s lots to explore and a vast amount of friendly knowledgeable people more than happy to help out.

Jesper summed it all up very well, but there isn’t a going button on this campaign, it was never added at the start, so don’t look for it lol. The going button is just clicked if you’re committed to a campaign and it then gives the campaign leader a visual reference of who is going to join in.

Once it gets under way, post as many images as you feel like showing everyone how your build is progressing.

There are also some tutorials in the forum’s you can watch or read through and that explains a lot more about how the site works… Enjoy :+1:

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Welcome Evan! I’m supposed to know all about campaigns, but clearly don’t have the technology down yet. That said, what everyone else posted about joining is correct. Just let us know know you’re in and, when the date come (Sept. 26th), start building!

I agree the Meng Merk is an imposing looking kit, but my experience with Meng aircraft at least are that they are very well engineered. If you go for a Mirage, which one are you looking at?

Michael :israel: :stuck_out_tongue:

I repeat the question regarding the use of M-572 by the IDF … Is it true or false ?? :thinking:


A pleasure to make your acquaintance.

IF I go with the Mirage (and I haven’t built a plane kit in a few years - gasp - ), it’ll be the Eduard 1/48 Mirage IIIc ProfiPACT, that I recently acquired, in 1967 IAF natural metal livery. Something about those delta wings… But, ya know, we’ll see. :slight_smile: Still have a week to decide. Cheers.

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From what I can find online, it looks like they may have used it (with only conventional warheads), but I can’t seem to nail it down conclusively.

Michael :israel: :stuck_out_tongue:

There are very few photos, or there are only I can’t find them … :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

You mean this?


That’s exactly what I mean !! Thank you !! :metal:

You’re welcome!

Or do you have photos with a view of the registration number?

No, but here’s a built up example: Dragon, 1/35, IDF M752 Lance missile carrier - M113 - iModeler

I have seen this model, thank you!



Date for the above photos is 1976


Wish my teachers had taken me on a field trip to see missiles and tanks.


Thanks dude!! :+1:

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The history teacher at my secondary school was always booking trips to the Imperial War Museum. About a 4 hour drive by coach from our school.
Went about 4 times over my time at the school. Bloody loved those trips!

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Your childhood was unhappy! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well my high school did have a gun range in our basement, with NRA instructors brought in to teach gun safety, imagine that in today’s America.