IDF 76 Campaign

Let’s go.


Well? Mine Roller is out of the question. Got Black Balled by the vendor…


Am I the only one who thinks that your work bench in unnaturally clean and organized? :scream: :joy:

I tip my hat to you sir.

I’m now going to clean mine… ya, right. :roll_eyes:

Cleanliness is next to godliness. Mine is always clean-ish…

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New work space so give it time. It’s a small area so trying hard to keep it organized which is a struggle in itself.


My workspace looks like a kid’s craft area got hit by a tornado.


So organized! Mine will be like “Here are the before and after photos of the workstation.”

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OMG!!! A clean hobby desk? Say it ain’t so! :rofl:

Looking for input from the group. I was originally going to do the Meng Megach 6B Gal Batash but I think someone else is doing one. I also have the Kinetic M109 Rochev/Doher. The Kinetic kit looks like a relatively easy build so it shouldn’t take too long to finish. I could also do the Gal Batash once I’m done with the Doher which is the version I would build, having already built the AFV Rochev. What say yee.


They are both kits I would like … M109 gets my vote.

Ok 1 for the109. Hope more cast their vote.


Doher M-109 :+1:

Ok, I decided to go with the Doher. Plan on starting it tomorrow evening. Not too enthused about all that PE though.


I would (and do) only use PE that will enhance the kit, not just because they include it in a fret ---- In that Voyager PE set for my Chieftain Mk11 I will be using less than 20% of it … Looking forward to the Doher getting built up :+1:

Here we go,

As planned i’ll build the new power wagon from Ak Interactive

And a little surprise: The new Super Mystere Sa’ar From Special hobby with the 8 bombs bomb rack


Yeah, that’s my plan but for most there is no plastic alternative.

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The famous “Teddy Bear” was the first model that I’ve ever build (MENG SS-010), so I think I’ll be joining with this: דובי

So I started the Doher and immediately discovered that it might not be the relatively easy build I thought. Very first step completing the hull tub there are 2 huge sink marks on the outer surface at least 3/8 inch and deep. Filled them last night and will sand them out shortly. Also needed to drill out some locator holes in the front plate. No biggie except that there are no guide holes. Instead you have to cut out a paper template from the instructions and hope you get it properly aligned and then drill. That’s as far as I have gotten but so far I am not very impressed.

Sanded out the sink holes and attached the front plate. Also a photo of the paper template for the turret roof.


That ain’t good…hope that’s the worst of it now :crossed_fingers: