IDF 76 Campaign

Thanks for the advice and rundown! I hope it will help others with this issue.
I for one will eave it as is, try to fix the gap in the lower bar, but otherwise run with it.
My scratchbuilding skills are not that good and this way others will see what they’re getting into.

Finally got around to starting the Takom Merkava Mk.2B. Already put the lower hull and suspension system together.

(as posted earlier in the thread)

This is my first time tackling a Takom brand model kit, so I’m moving slow and steady on this build. I’m happy to say that the kit is coming together very nicely. Nice, crisp moldings, didn’t take me lon to get the whole lower hull together and nothing was warped or out of whack.

I’m tackling the upper hull; not going too heavy since I am considering adding the grip texture on it. Don’t want to go too deep on the kit, then have a hard time adding the grip texture.

Also, i have a set of Quicktracks coming from Poland since I am not a fan of the tracks provided with the kit.

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