Iraqi Army FJ43 Land Cruiser - Picture Request

Good Afternoon all.

I picked up the AK FJ43 hardtop from IPMS. In it is colour schemes for three vehicles.

One a TV/Press vehicle from the 1980’s. The markings on this version seem to be related to a picture of a Reuters news agency armoured land rover or similar in Palestine.

However I can not find any pictures of the FJ43 in Iraqi service despite hours of googling. I’d hope an Iraqi vehicle will give ample opportunity for weathering and diorama potential. But there doesn’t appear to be any mention of the Land Cruisers being used on the internet that I can find. Most searches bring back pictures of technicals as opposed to the hard top vehicle.

Does anyone know if Iraq actually used the FJ43 hardtop at all and if so are they any pictures of it in use. The only hard top vehicles I can find in pictures are UAZ jeeps.


I’ve came across this pîcture from the Iran-Iraq war. Coming from an iranian website, I guess it shows the battle that took place near Andimeshk in the Iranian province of Khuzestan (1980 ?), and a column of disabled Iraqian vehicles. There appears to be at least 2 Hardtop Toyotas




Dunno if it will help, but I’ll post it anyways.



Cheers @Frenchy. At least I know they used them. Although without a spare tyre on the back.

Thanks for the open top picture, @SableLiger that seems to be the only one I can find on line.

I’ll start Googling Iran-Iraq war then. Hopefully that will reveal some more images.

Oh I know, I don’t doubt that the word exists is someone’s dictionary, but lets be honest it’s a mouthful and just doesn’t sound right. It still makes me laugh.

What happened to good old fashioned ‘Iraqi’ like we used to say…

Some iraqi Toyota FJ-series, a couple of FJ40s and another couple of FJ45s. I know I have one or two 43s too, but can’t find these in the disk…


@JavierDeLuelmo they are great thank you. At least I know what colour to paint the interior now.

Unless the end user has re-painted it, the metal components of the interior of the FJ was always the same color as the exterior. Body panels, door panels, floor, dashboard, etc. Just as AK’s instructions tell you.

Glad to help! I have a special love fot these series and very happy to see these Toyotas in plastic at last. Some justice done. Guess we will see some variants in the future.

Wow, that came fast!

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And still two more to come…

I stubled across these the other day:


More than two, in fact :wink:

The only game in its time, but sadly some glaring errors starting with a Land-Rover based chassis IIRC…

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Still have the MIG BJ45. It’s actually useful for building the new AK kit(s) since AK wasn’t able to get a Toyota license and is missing the grill emblem. Used the PE one in the MIG kit and burnished foil over it.

Toyota seems to have a rather strange policy on licensing, even if the interested brand is gladly willing to pay for it. Something recognized by even some the PPRR people of the japanese company.

Speaking of Land Rovers, I also saw this:

Land Rover Defender XD Wolf