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AFV Club released a Javelin set in 1/35 scale. The set includes 4 Javelins and 2 containers, along with the decals and MRE ration packs.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/javelin-from-afv-club

The Russian rations is a nice touch…


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Nice. I figured these would be coming based on their Stryker w/Javelin (M1126 CROWS-J) that was recently released. It looks like sprue W from that kit, plus the paper rations.

A very welcome release. I was afraid to buy some ICV-J kits just for the containers.

Looks like the UK is using different crates for Javelins

After a party with a sixpack of Javelins.

Diorama idea?
P.S. the UK crate is for sale at 53 GBP.

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This is groundbreaking and I’m glad that it includes four Javelins. I would have preferred more crates though.

I wouldn’t call it “groundbreaking”. It is just another plastic weapons/accessory set. Maybe the first of the Javelin, but not groundbreaking.

I wouldn’t call it “groundbreaking”. It is just another plastic weapons/accessory set. Maybe the first of the Javelin, but not groundbreaking.

@HeavyArty It is groundbreaking in the plastic realm because this is the first molds of a modern ATGM outside of resin and 3-D printing. The last “modern US ATGM” in plastic was the 1/35 Dragon ATGM in their figure sets.

One can now arm modern 1/35 figures by buying something COTS and OOTB from a LHS (Local Hobby Shop…do we still have those around? :grinning:).

Meaning…one can take a plastic M72 LAW or AT-4 into “battle” with plastic Army men, but one sure can’t kill a tank unless one has a tank or ATGM IFV. This would really help with the “NOT a Tank Destroyer Campaign” starting this October.

A very welcomed kit, yes, but still not groundbreaking in my book.

Nice of AFV C for releasing this in plastic. I’ll be getting this even though my 3D prints look better. The extras look very nice like mentioned.

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Yes James_Lee. I feel like the market would be large enough to have room for both resin and plastic versions. I am eager to get this one to compare with yours. My hope is that all of these efforts improve and advance our little hobby. All the best!

Now can someone produce a figure to fire it, I look forward to getting the set.

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@gogs007 DAN Models has one in 1/35 scale.



DAN Models has also announced a standing figure.

CMK has also released a NLOS gunner.


I see Dan models has produced another figure with a javelin DAN 35158 2022 Ukrainian Soldier with FGM-148 Javelin. I have left out the rest of the description

Microwold Games LLC is selling the AFV-Club Javelin ATGM set for $24 USD. Probably not the cheapest on market, but that should give you a ballpark price for it. MSRP is said to be $30 USD.


Yikes, $24 + shipping is a lot for some tiny set.

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Master box should make a figure set with soldiers armed with these, or with AT-4s and Panzerfaust 3.

Titled “Russian Can Openers - Kharkiv Oblast 2022”


“Tank Killers - Ukraine”.

I should have four figures

1 with a Javelin; sitting position

1 with an NLAWS missile; standing

2-man team with a Panzerfaust 3 and an AT-4

Supplementary armed with AK-74 or Fort-221 (licensed copy of IMI Tavor) rifles.

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You missed the AFV Club M220 ground mount TOW that was released about a decade after the Dragon TOW & Dragon figure set

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