Late Tiger 1 Dragon 3in1

So, once my IDF F16C build is complete, I’ve decided I will be getting stuck into some armour, namely the DML Tiger 1 late 3 in 1 kit.


Does anyone have the link to David’s @DByrden pages regarding everything for all the Tiger 1 kits ? I did have it but cannot find it for love not money. Thanks in advance.

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Cheers Rod, appreciated bud. :+1:

You’re welcome! I was on there right before I saw your post, looking up one of the DML Tigers in my stash!

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I love Dragon Tigers ! IMHO, they are the best out there ! How are you going to do the Zimmerit, DIY, ATTAK resin or Tamiya’s stickers? Have fun with the build ! And I’ll check in on your progress from time to time.

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Love me a Dragon Tiger

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Cheers Tom & Anthony… I have had a look through the box (again) and it does look very well detailed.

I have only ever done the Tamiya Tiger offerings so this will be interesting for me to compare them.

I will be using this Zimmerit coating


I was going to use the ATAK one but with postage it was pretty much double the price of DEF set. It looks ok so hopefully won’t be any issues or at least none that I can’t work round. I also want to try a few areas of damaged Zim and again hopefully this waterslide ones will be easy to do a bit of surgery on…

Should have the F16 for the IDF build finished this weekend so I had a bit of a look inside the Tiger box of tricks.

Typical smart kit goodies, individual tools with PE clamps etc … They also supply a jig to make the clamps which looks good.

Lots of additional parts allowing you to build the 3 versions… I’m just going to be doing a late version … I think lol…

Decals for 6 different wagons, again though, not sure on which I will opt for yet.

Lots of clear parts, 2 types of cupola, engine mess for the decks in PE, and apparently even the main gun can be made to recoil… Not really sure of the need for that though :thinking:
Also included are individual magic track links for the spare links on the hull front and turret.


If I’m not mistaken the original incarnation of this kit came with a metal barrel, preformed wire for the headlight, a metal bucket and some other goodies as well as a complete set of magic tracks. Looking forward to following the build. Good luck.

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Thanks DV… It still has the preformed wire for the headlight …but no bucket lol… I have a spare someplace :grin:

Thought I would try these colours on it.

Tank set 1 looks like it has the colours I’m after. Though I may see if AK do a Panzer set, I think I’ve seen one.

I did plan on doing a late Tiger, but if it was produced say in May/June or July, would they have been Late versions or Final versions ? I think production stopped Aug/September 44. And what would the base colour have been for a May/Jun/July wagon … Dunkelgelb or Olivgrun ? The green started in 44 but not sure when ?
All knowledge is appreciated :+1:

Seems like it dunkelgelb so that’s one issue sorted. And I will be doing it as just a late version.

Did a bit of cutting and glueing… Road wheel arms and locating mounts are in.

Thinking of doing the finish as the Das Reich version…

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The running gear can be finished to allow it up and down movement…

Looks quite neat, but not totally sure if I will be needing it like that so will decide on stuck or free later on.

Also put together the fuel tank assemblies along with the PE frame for the fans. Just dry fitted to show it on situ

This kit and it’s detailing reminds me of the Panther G smart kit I did. It is really well defined and very very good. So much so, that it (in my view) negates the requirement for PE like tool/tow rope brackets and mounts… I think the only time you’d need those is if you were going to show the tools in use and not fitted.
I am going to have to think about how I want to finish this up and decide what gets fitted tool wise etc, and hatches open or closed. I want to add at least 2 crew so I may look at available sets or maybe 2 resin ones.
Any good German tank crew recommendations ? I might even have an old set lurking here someplace ?..


Slowed down a bit until the Zimmerit arrives on Thursday so started putting a few other bits together… Did the veh jack, and got all the parts ready for the main gun… Now I like detail… But this gun has 18 parts to build it up !! To me that is overkill. As I said before it also has a spring inside it so you can recoil the barrel…to what end ? It seems pointless to me ?

Decided to wait until the Zimmerit arrives as I want to get that looked at and see what I need to trim away from the hull, turret etc to enable a good fit, or how I need to maybe cut the Zim to fit …

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Exactly the same as the RFM Panther G c/w interior that I blogged.

The gun was a kit in its own right. It did have the option to fit the spring to allow gun recoil. But, that is too ‘toy like’ for me and I just went with the fixed option.

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The spring recoil was “trendy” back in the Noughties when Dragon started making Tigers. I would just ignore it. Glue the barrel as far forward as possible.



Thanks DB, that was going to be my plan of attack. I was looking through the link to your tips ref this one and was looking at the bit about bracing the hull at the front. Mine has that same little bit extended out, but when I dry fitted the top hull, and the front plate + the side parts 19 and 20, everything fitted ok without a brace ?

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Ditto, fixed is what I’m doing. :+1:

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GREAT!! You’ve started ! I’m not familiar with the DEF waterslide decals and am VERY curious how they work out for you. And, that’s so true what you said about the ATAK zimm.
Armorsmith, you are right about the original release and all the goodies that came with the kit. It’s a darned shame that Dragon lost their way and became a footnote in modeling history.

ALERT! Not to be a shill for Sprue Bros. but they have Mengs Leningrad Tiger for $34 today on their website!


Just some tinkering with the 88mm.

All assembled and set to the side…

Zimmerit arrives tomorrow so that will be the next step…


Moving along nicely