Leopard 2A4M Can question

I’m thinking of ordering the Hobby boss leopard 2A4M Can. I really like the look to this beast and love all things Canadian military. Now this kit doesn’t come with any barracuda netting (obviously). I was curious, did ALL leopard 2a4m in theatre have barracuda netting?

If so, does anyone know of any videos showing how to make it? The aftermarket options are super pricey, but based on my research it appears they all had it, so I’ll need away to recreate it

Please take what I say with a grain of salt but I’m fairly sure that all the 2A4Ms in Afghanistan had the Barracuda netting. If you’re looking to make your own, I bet you could get decent results with AK Mimetic nets if you used a stiff brush to raise up the edges.

I can’t wait to see you do this one! Have fun with the tracks…

Yeah they look like a pain :frowning:

When you did this kit did you do barracuda? I could also do one back in Wainwright, but I don’t know if they were ever there, or if the 2A4M was a field upgrade


Hmm, might be a job for the cricut!

The M upgrade wasn’t a field mod. It was all done for us by ze chermans.

I don’t know about Wainwright but you could show one at the armour school in Gagetown.

Not sure where this video was taken.


Okay that’s good to know I have options to go either way. I’ll give the cricut a try on tissue paper and if that fails I’ll do a training vehicle

I did mine as a tank from Wainwright that had a track width mine plow. Even got to paint trees on it like a fifth-grader because the particular tank I was making was taking part in Maple Resolve 21! No barracuda, just birch bark.


Look at those cats getting to go on a big adventure, makes one’s heart feel warm and fuzzy just thinking of it.

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Well looky here.

I might take some artistic license and use the slat armor because I think it looks cool even though it appears to be a theatre mod.

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Here is a thread that shows how I created the Barracuda camo using AK Mimetic Net, painter’s tape, and a ton of patience … I hope this helps!

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Barracuda AND slat armour were field mods for Afghan.
The only time ONE vehicle appeared with slats was at a factory presentation in Germany.
Slats are not used on home ground in Canada, as the photos above suggest.

The beavers haven’t figured out HEAT technology yet, so for the time being slat armour is unnecessary.

I think I’ll take a crack at the barracuda. If that fails I’ll do a wainwright vehicle

I plan on doing mine with some aluminum tape and this: Armorama :: Arkebuza Model Art 1:35 Barracuda Camo Review
I don’t think it is easy to get but there are other brands, I believe AFV does some.

Cheers Rob.

This perfectly answers a question I was just about to ask. What the general pattern is. I had seen stuff online but wanted to confirm.

I made this in my cricut and plan on trying to cut the netting out of tissue paper backed but aluminum foil or tape

Yes I know I misspelled barracuda in the file name lol


Please let us all know how your home-brew barracuda goes

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