Lettering for an ISO container

Hey man, sorry for the lack of updates. Had a busy week and then my shop AC broke when it’s 110 outside :frowning:

This put a bit of a delay in the project, but I should be able to make them tomorrow!

Welcome to Hell, I am mean Houston. :joy: It’s that nice hot humid temps that hug you extra tight to keep you warm.


Man the heat this year is crazy!!! Thankfully it was just the shop ac and not the hosue ac

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Sorry to hear about your a/c crapping out. No worries on the project, dont get heat stress out there.


Got the letters all made up! Just need container dimensions and/or font size so I can scale them and cut them

Container markings explained


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Can I get these to you tomorrow morning?

Really appreciate what youve done for me. Any ODS or OIF vehicle kits I can donate?

Oh and thanks to Frenchy for the marking info!

Yup no rush! Once I have everything measured, the cuts take a few minutes at most!

lol! I am in the market for an Abrams or Bradley!! But no, just happy to help a fellow modeler out!

I have a Tamiya Abrams?

Only if you feel like you owe something, but please don’t feel obligated!

I’ll send you the vehicle’s details tomorrow. Will you be mailing your work as I dont have a printer right now?

Yup! I’ll cut out the letters out of masking tape.

You have two options here. One you spray the whole container black and then place the masking tape stencil letters where you want them. You then spray the container color and when done remove the stencils. That’s what I did here for the chevrons so you can have an idea of the process

Ever since this route was pointed out to me it’s my preferred route. You don’t have to mask around the marking and you are less likely to get a lip around the marking and base

Option two you spray the base color, then you use the “negative” of the stencil (or what is left after cutting the letters) and spray the marking color. That is what I did here for the stars, serials and battery marking

I’ll send a few sets of both the letters and negatives, so you can do it either way and have spares

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Thanks for that. The ‘tainer is sprayed yellow so I’ll have to go that route.

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Air you can wear as they say.

Tainer dims:

L 345 mm

W 70 mm

H 73 mm

Distance between ribs on sides 1.89 mm

Hope this works.

Pic of M1A1 with 120mm gun tomorrow.


This one.

Don’t feel obligated to send anything but if you feel you must that one will do the trick!

I plan on cutting the letters today. Just need to scale them down.

Could you confirm the size of the letters and or container? If I am reading the link correctly the letters are 50 mm which in 1/35 scale makes them just over 1mm high. I fear this will be too small for the cricut to cut

If you check the post above the M1A1 pic, you’ll see the dimensions I provided.

Sorry, don’t know how I missed that. Let me do some math tonight and see what scale the letters need to be.