Leyland DAF DROPs

Does anyone know if the UK Leyland DAF DROPs was ever made in any shape or form ?

There is a modeller posting beautiful Belgian Army trucks in various types, they are resin kits though, of DAF Trucks.

The only UK DROPS I know of is the Accurate Armour Foden DROPS

DAF YBZ-3300 recovery truck and DAF YTZ 95 TROPCO Tank Transporter


Cheers Jon, I know about Jasper @Jasper_Breur … Have seen his builds here, and every time he posts a new one, you know it’s going to be exceptionally good …

Knew about the AA Foden, but it needed to be a Leyland DAF … I drove one for about 6 months on our Regimental mobile display team touring the UK. It carried an ISO with a scimitar inside it …

Looks like I’m doomed on this one :frowning:

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Im Sure there’s one at ASAM, get back to you shortly,.

Scroll through you will find one.

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Very big thumbs up Frank my man…:+1::+1: Will seriously look at that even if they are 1/48 … Would be nice to have :+1:


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Lol…you beat me to it by a few minutes … I was rereading the prices to make sure I wasn’t going blind or crazy …

Lol… Nothing like pricing yourself out the market … Sadly I think those will be staying in Farnborough lol… They had the wrong style wheels anyway :grin:

Haha yeah wrong wheels…THATS what stopped you buying it!!!


lol … I am still re-reading that price list for just the Drops and thinking WTF lol … If it was sensible, I would think of getting one … but never at those prices. Which is really annoying as I am in Farnborough in a few weeks as well …

And the wheels/tyres are odd on them, a few have the correct ones, but the Drops with the ISO on and most of the others has god knows what fitted with those odd massively chunky sticky out tyres …

You know I’d never even looked that closely at the pics, what’s with the sticky out hubs and rims? Plus all of the wheels are the same whilst on the real deal the front wheels differ to the other three axles. You would pay a small fortune and then have to source suitable wheels, if they are even available.

Yeah they were the first things that jumped out when Frank posted the link and I saw them. If I am paying that amount of money, I want it pretty damn near perfect …

and the biggest issue mine was a left hooker

Weren’t they all left hookers? I seem to remember that they were only produced that way.

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Thinking back I think you are right mate. Dont remember seeing a right hander. We only had that one as it was loaned to us for the recruiting team from a depot at Bicester.

Probably worth dropping a line and going in to them for the right wheels, it may have been a rush to photograph for sales purpose.

Its a serious non starter mate, (although thanks for the link as it was nice to look at one again ) and they are only 1/48 … all for £130 … :speak_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

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I forgot about Hart 1/48th models, I think they are white metal or similar.

Is it worth dropping a line to Dutch military models to see if he has enough of the right bits? will still be pricey, as all large scale resins are.

You could go big and make your own.

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One possibility is Scalextric made a slot car with the necessary T45 cab. This MAY be suitable from r a conversion. The Italeri truck with load handling gear would provide the gear. The American version is nearly identical to the British original except the hook is slightly modified to allow transport in C5 Galaxy’s etc.