Lifting the Fog of War: Command and Control

Group Build Title: Lifting the Fog of War: Command and Control

Group Build Leader(s): @Canmedic

Group Build Description:
This got a little bit of love in the 2022 proposals thread so I figured why not roll the dice.

According to Clausewitz “War is the realm of uncertainty; three quarters of the factors on which action in war is based are wrapped in a fog of greater or lesser uncertainty.

This build is dedicated to all the resources a commander has available to help penetrate that fog. The modern term for all of this is C4I (Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence) which according to the US DoD also encompasses Recce and Surveillance. I figure this should open things up nice and wide for build options.

Any time period, any scale, any subject so long as it fits one of the categories above. Spy Satellite? Golden. Napoleonic General with a Bugler? Love it. AWACS? Yes please. My only ask is that you can clearly articulate how the subject you’re presenting would contribute to battlefield management of combat units.

I’m proposing this start May 2022 to give lots of lead. It’ll run for a year incase anyone brings a big grey war canoe to the party or has other long term commitments on the go.

Please post a box/sprue pic on day one and carpet bomb the progress shots because I love eye candy. If you want to start a separate build thread go nuts, but do pop in once and a while with an update.

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My plan is to turn this:

Into this:

Maj. Gen John “Rocky” Rockingham’s custom M8 Command Car from his tenure as Commander 25th Canadian Infantry Brigade during the Korean War.

Figure it’ll take me a year to figure out how to scratch that modified turret shape because the Tamiya one is going to be very little help indeed.

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I will be in for that…not sure what it will be, but it could be another Recce CVRT Scimitar…

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Amazing! I hoped you’d come along for the ride.

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I think I can get my halftrack fix in on this campaign. Eyeing an AFV club 251/3 with all that cool radio gear inside…

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Hmm, I’m thinking an Sr-71, RF-84 Thunderflash, or an F-6 Mustang.

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Sounds great! I am in!

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Why Not. Get in early but I wont start til late… 2023 will give me time

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Hi all

Would an M1240A1 fit the criteria?


Smells like recce to me!

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