Lifting the Fog of War: Command and Control

About time for a small update… got primer and basic color on the M3

And painted up the figures that will be used on this one, not completely finished yet, but not much left to do…


Buying a whole sheet for jus those 3 small ones… you sure want your details correct :+1:

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They are the small white one on the RH rear tool bin, and the smaller white warning signs for the FFE handles … They stick out due to the wagon being black…I will double check later to make sure there are no other small ones I’ve missed.

And the signals half track and crew look great. Some nice detailing in the wagon… Are you going to try for the radio cables or leave them as they are ?

I have a few cables on them, I think most of the cables would be attached to the backsides of the radio’s, so they won’t be seen anyway… I do have a cable to connect the radio to the phone one of the crew will be holding, and ofcourse I will make cables to connect the headsets to the radio’s

Not sure yet about which color for the radio’s, leave them in the sand color or make them grey or green or black… any ideas anyone?


Without knowing I would of gone for green… Olive or drab…??

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Very good work. I like the paratrooprs camouflage on the figures. Look totally great.
As for the radios I think some sort of khaki, or a brownish drab is good, olive drab is too green imho.

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If you are still unsure … try @ReluctantRenegade or @gtdeath13 …they might know better ?

What kind of radio?


I imagine Bert is on about these in the back of the radio comms track ?

OK, I would need a close up of those radios.

Over to you Bert @bwilt :+1:

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I believe some generic IDF vehicle mounted radios, of the period.

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Thanks to my assistent for taking over :+1:

First of all, don’t forget that this is more a what if model than reality, I wanted to make a communications vehicle and got this radio kit:
M3 Command vehicle
If I look at the pieces and compare them to pictures on the web, parts of it could be a SCR 508 WW1 US vehicle radio set.
I have no idea if these were actually used by the IDF, but as they used just about anything they could get, the chances of them having used these radios is very possible.
I found pictures on the web of a very great looking M3, completely different to what I made:

So as I still have some M3’s left I might do something like that some day… I also found pictures of radio sets, they are usually black, with a khaki or OD frame/covers…

radio 11

radio 12

so might go for khaki.
(pictures for discussion only)
Thanks for your help and advices everyone!

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Pictures of the actual radios in the kit:

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Having served in the late 70’s early 80’s, I remeber that most radio sets were painted vehicle color, not black. For the life of me I can’t remember the make of said radios. A paratroops vehicle will have some infantry sets to connect with other paratroopers on the ground, maybe an air to ground set to cooperate with the air drops and of course radios for artillery support snd armour support


The standard vehicle mounted radio during the Six Day War was the מ"ק (Mem-Kuf) 126/127 with the מ"ח (Mem-Chet) 67/68 reciever/power source.

The auxiliary receiver was the 1109/1110 מ"ח.


The standard infantry radios during the same period were the מ"ק 6 (left) and the מ"ק 10 (right).


So my memory is failing, seems some almost black was used as well, but I remember khaki drab for some reason🤔

In the IDF?

Yes. :bat: