Look What the Tide Washed Up! (Model Shipwrights)

you prolly already know this, but flyhawk makes an Illustrious…

Sadly only in 1/700 that I can see and I do not work in that scale :frowning:

Border 1/35 Sub. Adding the Scale 75 bridge crew. Planning to build U-552 from the box as it visited my coast with two sunken ships in April of 1942.


This is hip!

Coupple of new subs for the stash.


Nice haul. Subs are fun—they’re so quick to assemble.

The UXXI for sure will, ive build the AFV Gato in two days. But the Nautilus is basically a short run, so we will see. I also want to go checkout the real deal in Bremerhaven before i start to cut the plastic.

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