M101A1 105mm howitzer (old Italeri M2A1 kit) WIP

M101A1 105mm howitzer in 1/35 WIP. This is the old Italeri M2A1 kit, which I plan to build as an M101A1 Vietnam War version, rather than an M2A1 WWII or Korean War version.

I plan to add some 3D printed parts to it but it will be mostly OOB build.

My 3D printed tires - the tread pattern is not exactly accurate, and there was a lot of sanding to fit the kit parts…

I plan to replace only the front (highlighted portion)

Slowly building this…


Looking good. :+1::+1:

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Looks like it is coming along nicely. Good job so far.

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Very nice! Good idea to replace the forward third of the barrel with a seamless 3-D printed part that also has the rifling. Funny how the tires have “U.S.ROYAL” as opposed to “UNIROYAL”… copywrite sort of thing I guess… I wonder what would be a good alternative name of that sort of Firestone…?:thinking:

Hi Carlos,
Thanks. “U.S. ROYAL” wasn’t to avoid “UNIROYAL”. I based it on the below photo.

Not sure where it comes from. Wasn’t thinking about trademark concern.
For Firestone, I’ve seen Finestone. :smiley:


U.S. Royal was one of the brand of tires by U.S. Rubber company. They later became Uniroyal.

“U.S. Rubber produced tires under the Gillette, Ward, Atlas, U.S. Rubber and U.S. Royal brands…In 1961, the company became Uniroyal, Inc.”


They were one of the tires used on military vehicles up through the late '60s - early '70s.


Made some progress over the weekend. 3D printed barrel front attached.
The kit has surprisingly many tiny parts considering it’s almost 45 years old.


M101A1 assembly done! Getting ready to paint. OOB-build except for the 3D printed front barrel section and the tires. For an old Italeri kit, it was good in my view - I am sure AFV Club one is better:


Yeah, I am now asking members to stay within topic, and start a different thread if not about building M101A1 model. Thanks.

Easy fix.

Any more progress on the howitzer?


That’s lookin real good!


No painting yet. Got too busy with day job and having too much fun CADding things for M48 and M60 series tanks again. Not sure when I’ll get to painting - too many assembled kits and not time to paint them.