M1120 LHS Bridgelayer - Four Stars Miniatures

This is a build log for the Four Stars Miniatures new release, M1120 LHS Bridgelayer - 1/35 scale. 3D printed kit. We are also working on a 1/72 scale version.
More photos coming soon!


Very nice. I will definitely be following this one. It looked good in the recent news release, even better here.

The Material Handling Crane (MHC) is very interesting and useful as well. It could be added to any HEMTT.

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I have to fully agree, very interesting!

What about a M7 Forward Repair System?

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The Four Stars website says:
“Designed for Italeri M1120 HEMTT Load Handling System kit.”
Will it fit the Trumpeter kit as well?

There is a whole thread on the FRS I just don’t know how to link it to this one.

I know the thread, I want to rebuild it too.

But maybe it’s a good idea for the new company, Four Stars Miniatures.

Fingers crossed!


that would be amazing

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Yes, they are the same exact size and parts are interchangeable.

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You can buy it separately the crane, of course.

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This kit fit the Trumpeter M1120, too.

The Italeri kit cheaper and more accurate, than Trumpeter.
Trumpeter tyres slowly dissolving the rims, so you need a resin wheel set for Trumpeter, too.

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Some Italeri wheels have eaten rims as well (the Opel Blitz kit)
so it is standard procedure for me to replace all soft wheels and tracks.

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