M1A2 SEP v3 Abrams - Pictures out there?

Don’t think middle pic is a V3, looks like a V2 with low profile CROWS

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What is the reference for the middle pic? Was it labelled as a v3? From an official source? Just wondering because I also am thinking it might be a v2.

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It most likely a v2 with a LPRCWS. I thought the v3s were the only ones with them.

I always see the SEPv3s as having the longer segmented rear mudflaps as a telltale sign of a v3.

Yes; you can also see the MILES II System’s Canister Laser Transmitter (CLT) clamped to the tank’s Coaxial MG shroud.

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Two more…


Neither one of those is a production V3, even though they both say they are, probably very early development models :disguised_face:

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Most likely just a SEP v2 used as a test bed for all the upgrades that eventually were put into production inside the SEP v3.


Yes, most likely correct.


Very interesting thread. I note there is quite a bit of discussion about colour scheme.
This kit dropped into my Private Warehouse at HLJ last week.
Since Australia will be transitioning to this tank from the M1A1AIM SA, I ordered mine to be done in AusCam

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Does Australia have the SEP V.3 yet?

Not yet, but soon. They’re getting 75 of them to replace their M1A1 AIM tanks, along with both M1150 ABVs and M1074 JABs.

i was planning on doing a Aussie M1A1 but i think ill wait a bit now and get another SEP V.3

Scalehobbiest said they will get the SEP3 in stock next week.

Not yet. They are on order though

Id love if Rye Field would do a M1074 JAB a perfect compliment to the M1150 ABV

What will it take for them to just call it “M1A3?” How much more can they change before they move up one?

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A major change instead of just updating systems.