M2A2 Bradley, Somalia '93 build

I have an M2A2 ODS that i want to build, but don’t know where to go with it. I might build it as an M2A2 in service with the 24th ID in Somalia, which will require mods.

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Thats my old vehicle number in that pic…C-33

I didn’t want to do another sand colored Bradley, but this changes things.

Off to find more pics of C 3-15 in Somalia.

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Not really. The above pics look like standard M2A2s with CIPs on the turret face and hull sides (green triangles and squares on one coming off the plane). The CIPs are on the F sprue (F12, F13, F15 x2) of the Tamiya M2A2 ODS. They also have the newer square block tracks that are in the Tamiya kit. Disregard the rest of the update parts on the F sprue, w/the exception of the TOW reload hatch lift rings (F5), and you will be good. You can use most of the gear as well.

Just follow the M2A2 instructions found below (scroll down):

Check this thread too for backdating the Tamiya M2A2 ODS kit:
M2A2 Bradley help request - Armor/AFV / Modern - KitMaker Network


Followed your advice and built the upper hull to pre ODS specs.

I did not attach the Driver’s hatch, because I want to add the periscopes on it, like you did. I may have some extras from my Meng M2A3 BUSK.

And there it is.

Now, you can see the internal grab handle to the left (right hand as you see it inside the vehicle); what would you recommend to replicate it?


He’s going to seriously regret wearing a white shirt in there :joy:


Looking good. Nice job on the driver’s periscopes.

For the driver’s hatch handle, I made it out of plastic rod and stock.


The Tamiya kit is pretty versatile and can be updated to look really good.


I think the guy is a USAF General, so I think he has an aide-de-camp to do his dry cleaning for him. :wink:


What a slacker lol… I hope someone put boot polish on the inner rim of the goggles :rofl:


I used some extra handles from the kit that are not used, along with a bracket from the narrow bustle rack typical of thf original M2. I think it passes muster.


That will work too. Looks good.

One more thing on the hull. For an M2A2 in Somalia '93, you should add the TOW reload hatch lift rings. These were present on M2A2s. The lift rings, F5, were actually on all Bradleys starting w/the M2. Tamiya just missed them. Disregard the rest of the hatch armor, it was added as part of the ODS Upgrades.



Got it.

Also found another unique picture from Somalia.

Prototype Bradley ERA, pre-BUSK?


Another detail pic of the M2A2 pre-ODS.

Hand drilling the holes for the bustle rack can be a little time consuming.


Drilling done, bustle rack built and added to the turret. Turret complete and added to top hull.

The tricky part will be adding redoing the suspension and drive system. Tamiya is known for having cut some serious corners while putting their Bradley kits together.

I did cover the entire underside with some 0.20 sheet styrene to plug up the holes, but the lower hull still needs more work. I will tackle this tomorrow.

Still needs work.


Its coming along great. Have fun updating the suspension, it needs work. Are you using the 3D parts for this one? I also ordered the set and am interested in how it actually looks.

That Brad w/early ERA is interesting.

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Another Bradley in Somalia



Yes. I posted the kit I bought online.


New update on the build. I went ahead and started focusing on the lower hull; plugging holes and sanding off the point for the return rollers in preparation to install the 3D printed parts.

Sanding everything smooth on both sides, plus carving out the recess for the rear left idler mount…

And getting a little boo-boo in the process. :sweat_smile: Wouldn’t be a true hobby without a few cuts and bruises, eh?

And of course; I discover that all my CA glue has dried out, so now, I’m putting this project on hold until I can get some fresh CA glue.


The trials and tribulations of model building. Keep at it.

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That’s how my wife can tell I’m working on a model! I’m cursing and coming in asking where the band-aids are! :grin:

:beer: :cowboy_hat_face: