M7A4 BFIST info and pics request

I am looking for a good pic of two of the rear interior area on the new M7A4 BFIST.

The vehicle:
This is the latest version M7A4 BFIST (Bradley Fires Integration Support Team) vehicle that is used by Artillery observers in mechanized and tank companies.

It has all the features of the new A4 version Bradleys, which can be seen here:

It also has a targeting box replacing the TOW box. Inside the targeting box is a G/VLLD (Ground/Vehicle Laser Locator Designator) sight used by the arty observers to locate, and laser-designate targets to obtain target locations. The targeting box is available from @Model_Monkey as an excellent 3D printed part.


The build:
I plan to build one using Magic Factory’s newly released M2A4 IFV kit, the Model Monkey targeting box, and a Meng interior.

The dilemma:
The older version of BFISTs (M7A2 and M7A3) had the below interior setup.

I have built an earlier M7A2 BFIST using this interior setup.

It appears that the M7A4 has a different interior set-up as compared to earlier BFISTs. It looks like the computer station has been made smaller and is on the right sidewall, as opposed to the earlier setup of it facing to the front (operator facing the rear) on the right side. I can’t tell what type or where the operator’s seat is either. It looks like it might fold up. I wish I could find better pics, but this is it so far.

The ask:
Does anyone have any other pics of the rear cabin on an M7A4 BFIST? Or does anyone know an active Soldier who has access to an M7A4 BFIST and could supply a pic or two of the rear cabin?

Anything would be helpful. Thanks in advance.


I don’t think that you bumping the thread back up is going to help, but here, I’ll help you out.

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