M2/M3 Bradley Reference

Some more info on the new M2A4 Bradley variants as they are now being fielded.

“The Army has started delivering the latest variant M2A4 Bradley IFVs to 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division at Fort Stewart.”

They look pretty much the same as an M2A3 externally, with a few additions on the hull. As noted at the below link, most of the differences are to the engine, suspension, and other systems.

M2/M3 Bradley Reference - M2A4 Testing Post

Major external changes are all on the hull and include an undisclosed sensor box (?) on the right front of the hull (1), a 3-lens panoramic Drivers Enhanced Viewer (DEV) camera (2), beefed up towing points (3), and a few added armor panels on the hull rear. They also come with T-161 tracks as standard equipment. All of these have been captured well on the Magic Factory M2A4 IFV 3-in-1 kit.

Here you can see the beefier tow points on the rear (1) and one of the new hull armor plates (2).

Internally, they appear to be the same as an M2A3 as well. You can just make out the individual blast resistant seats in this pic.

Full interior pic here, yup, same as an A3 version. I test fit the Meng M2A3 interior parts and they slide right in, no issues. I plan on building one w/the Meng interior in it.

One difference I did notice is a different generator in the engine compartment.

The M7A4 BFIST is also being fielded alongside the M2A4. It has the same external features, with the addition of the Targeting Box in place of the TOW launcher on a standard Bardley.


It also appears the M7A4 has a different interior set-up as compared to earlier BFISTs. It looks like the computer station has been made smaller and is on the right sidewall, as opposed to the earlier setup of it facing to the front (operator facing the rear) on the right side. I can’t tell what type or where the operator’s seat is either. It looks like it might fold up. I wish I could find better pics, but this is it so far.