M985A2 HEMTT w/M989 HEMAT build

Thanks Richard.

Very nice work Gino! This build is great - scratch building, kit-bashing, and lots of detailing. The straps and rachets are nice touches. It always surprises me how the small touches add realism.

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Another fine but important detail are the slings to guide the container while loading/unloading.

Thanks Rick. I like adding all the extra little details so they stand out.

HermannB - yup, tracking. For the moment, there will be no guy on the ground with this one, so no guide slings. Maybe later if I add some figures.

Your usual perfection!!! It’s hard to raise the bar when it’s already at the top. I suppose that’s stuff’s going to the folks in Ukraine?

Thanks Miles. It was a fun build. Nope, these rockets are staying right here on my shelf.

You did a fantastic job on it.


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Thanks Ralph. I am very pleased with how it came out.

This is good. If Geno starts making stuff then The makers will mass produce it…

Beautiful work Gino!

As always….

Thanks. It was a fun build.

Glad you are building one Gino…now it will be made by one of the big companies…

One can only hope. We shall see.