Making crap look real

No, I’m not talking about fake poop! Soft plastic foliage, plants, and tall grass, of the type sold for aquarium scenery, and available from China at ridiculously low prices. How to paint them to look reasonably realistic? I realize they are certainly not really realistic for military modelling, but are suitable for sci-fi, and fantasy scenery.
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There was a piece in here by someone, sorry it’s vague but can’t remember the guy’s name but he did a Dio with an LVT or similar and he used the aquarium plastic plants you get as multi purchase bags and just repainted them… looked very realistic and cheap as you get lots per bag and different designs …

This one?

Actually this one I think.

Both are good. :+1:

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That’s it Ryan, the last one by Cookie… Although the other was good as well, I forgot about that one…good recall :+1::+1:

I can’t recall diddly but I can work a mean search engine…I mean I ain’t HP good but…

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I don’t think H.P is real, it’s an A.I program bent on world domination


I won’t be surprised.

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Yeah…but what about actually painting the soft plastic foliage? Thoroughly wash with detergent, prime, and airbrush appropriate colors? Anyone tried this?
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No but G is about to do it…again.

Another small SBS,

I would ask either poster more direct questions.

Here’s a thought: Brown edges on some of the leaves, especially the older ones. You never see that on fake foliage.

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That’s what Cookie says how he did it in the last link above from Tank… The LVT one. Results look good.

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Back in the dark ages of scale modeling, I read a tip for painting vinyl “army man” figures (yes, those “green army men” toys…). The recommended technique was to soak them in white vinegar overnight before washing in warm soapy water.

Now, I confess that I never tried this, but IIRC, the tip was published in one of the modeling magazines (probably “Military Modeler” (Challenge Publications) from back in the '70s) along with some photos of the figures which looked pretty darned good.

I imagine that vinyl plastic aquarium plants would be handled the same as vinyl plastic army men…

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Off topic, talking about (Ukrainian ? ) aquarium scenery…

PS : I’m real, and I don’t have any world domination project in mind (…for the time being :wink:)



Exactly what an AI would say after searching for its self on a forum. I am not buying it Skynet but I still like you incase you do take over.