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I need some advice here. I have Flyhawks Battle of the Atlantic set in 1/700, which is essentially a small dio with a destroyer, a sub and an anti-sub aircraft. It comes with a base, but what if I wanted to actually have some sort of resin to make it more realistic? I can use transparent two-part epoxy (although if there is a non-toxic option I would choose that), but then what do you do about the waves on the top? How do you add them? (I have seen a couple of products to be used for waterline kits, but not sure they would work with a transparent base.) What would be my options? Also, talking about waterline models- what is the best and easiest way to make a wavy-water base for them? I am putting them into Trumpeter’s display cases, but they would look better with a patch of water around them. Thank you

For a flat base I’ve used thick tinfoil scrunched up and opened out and glued to the base. Has a nice uneven wavy texture. You can create deeper parallel crests with cocktail sticks glued under first. Make sure you cut out a section for the ship to sit in.
Painted in appropriate sea colours, dry brushed white for the crests and used thick white paint to create the wake. Plenty of clear gloss over.

I don’t have any photos on my current phone to show how it looked.

Good luck with it.


Hi Andras,

One simple alternative is spackling paste. It isn’t clear, but in 1/700 scale clear ocean water can sometimes look a little odd anyway. I like spackle since it is cheap and you can easily form waves with it and then paint to taste.

(1/700 Noah’s Ark)

(1/700 subchaser)


I saw a modeler on utube make a uboat (1/350) submerged in clear resin. His first attempt was a failure (but a learning experience), because of the exothermic reaction (the heat given off by the curing) actually melted and warped the uboat. I have the same kit and was a little disappointed that Flyhawk supplies PE for the uboat, and aircraft, but not for the destroyer! If you’re looking for J-class destroyer PE, look here: FLYHAWK FH710089 FOR FLYHAWK 1/700 ROYAL NAVY J-CLASS DESTROYER 2020 NEW | eBay Beats me why Flyhawk couldn’t include that too! Oddly, it’s cheaper to buy the J-Class (Jupitor) destroyer included in your Battle of Atlantic kit, than it is to buy the destroyer alone - and neither contain the PE! Go figure!
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I made this 1/350 uboat (AFV) surfaced, in Celluclay and acrylic modelling paste. Inspired by “Das Boot”.

Lots of water-making tips here: The Ship Model Forum • View topic - Compendium of model-water making links
Then there’s this technique using aluminum foil and Tamiya clear coats:

And again, Celluclay with several coats of clear acrylic varnish:



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My son and I used clear acrylic sealant from DIY store to make the water on his D-Day landing craft diorama with the tops of the waves dry brushed with white acrylic paint.

It is gloopy to apply and kept it’s shape when moulded in wave and churned-up water shapes. It does however dry rubbery.

We applied it to a painted base but there’s no reason it couldn’t be put on top of a solid resin base.

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Many times it’s easier to critize our lesser endeavours, than it is to stand proud, with honest humility, and state, “Ya, that’s a good one”. Nice work.

Thanks. But I only showed some of my good stuff! :joy: :wink:
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