Merkava MK IV (Meng)

Interior shot of the rear entrance:


Perfect place for a quick nap in between training sessions in the Negev.

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Thanks, i know they can be, and are, configured differently. Troop seats, even a toilet.

This one looks like ammunition stowage is the order of the day.

I’m not going to lose sleep over the lack of an interior, but it would have been nice to open up this unique feature for a MBT.

Kinda unfortunate that they were expensive. They look quite easy to CAD and 3D print.

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The most unfortunate thing for me is that there are crazy stuff available outside my country but shipping+taxes and some postal policies make it impossible for me to get stuff outside the EU. I have stopped buying from Luckymodel (was the best place to get Legend resin), US dealers (Chicago Airbrush and Freetime Hobbies, Squadron, Sprue Bros etc) and British traders since Brexit.

A 3D print that costs 4 US $ can end up 30-35 $ cost for me. And the local 3D market is very limited and designers are hard to find that are willing to do stuff for you. People turn down printing jobs with ready made files.

We have a very special saying here: Now that the sea has turned to yoghurt, we have no spoons… :slightly_frowning_face: :slightly_frowning_face:


Precisely, Roly. The alternate usage of the rear compartment as a place to carry toops is often over emphasized by military analysts when in fact, this feature is more of a (although positive) side effect of the forward mounted engine setup, than a delibarate design feature.

For starters, you have to take at least half of the ammunition out (on one of the sides) to gain some space, although you could fit a wounded person or perhaps two fully equipped soldiers in the corridor between the ammo racks. In battle conditions, no crew is going to dump their ammo just to take a few guys in, not even in emergency. Such an operation has to be planned in advance, and with all the specialized supporting vehicles the IDF has, I don’t really see the need for it.

In addition, the actual space available is smaller than it looks from the outside. There are two realtively large compartments on either side of the rear entrance; these can be seen on early Mk.1s without the hull baskets, hiding the batterires and the NBC equipment.

The hull baskets on later marks can be swinged aside to access those compartments.

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Well, based on my experience, USPS 1st class international postage is 20 USD under 450 grams (1 lb.) to EU member states and UK. 450 grams are a lot for 1/35 3D prints (especially things like IDF antenna baes). You just have to get the appropriate shopping list to do it all once to save on shipping.

Not exactly. You see, if I order a package from the US, lets say worth 50 euros plus 20 for shipping the post office will either take it through customs, and automatically charge me 15 euros for the procedure, plus tax plus the value for insuring the package delivery. To do the tax they will ask me to bring proof of payment to the post office, so that I can declare my package. So for a 70 euro package you add 15 + 16.8 (24% tax) + 5 = 31.8 euros at least. Not a good deal if you ask me.
The gamble is IF the package goes through customs or not. Usually stuff from the US unless it is a flat envelope go through customs. Stuff from China or Taiwan or HongKong are also certain to go through customs.
And the sad thing is that prior to the postal service policy changes you could get anything from anywhere in the post by paying just 3 euros in extra cost for the handling of the parcel. I even once got a washing machine sized box full of models and aftermarket stuff from the US delivered through post. Those there the days…

Sorry for the off topic to the rest of the people reading this.

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That’s unfortunate. I do not want to hijack this thread so I’m going to keep it short. Not sure if your situation is unique to Greece but I’ve shipped to the UK, Spain, Sweden, Norway, and Netherlands, and none of the buyers said something like that has happened. I only declare $2-5 for the value of the package so that may have some bearing. I don’t know. PM me if you want to discuss further.