MikeyBugs 3D Design and Printing Ideas

I’ll just have to scrounge around. Maybe I can look at Goodwill too for a long shot.

Anyways, some Arisaka Type 99s are ready to go.

I don’t have an overall measurement for the phone handset but please know it was a bit oversized compared to civilian handsets of the era so if you do find an old civi phone in an antique store you are going to want to up size your scan of the handset by 3%, 5%, 7% ???

I can always just scan and scale as needed. I’ll start off looking for the specific handset first though.

I know, I was just sharing.

I like that you included the bi-pod and the shoulder brace butt plate on your BAR !

Question: Mike someone has already mastered the following item in 1/35th scale. Could this be scanned and produced as a single piece 3D print?

I realize it may need to be broken down into sub-assemblies for printing but I just wanted to get your opinion.


Yes! It can be scanned. A lot of people actually do just that with their scanners. They use it to scan miniatures.

As requested by @engeee, some track hangers for Panther turrets.

And the start of a grease gun:

Also, the SCR-300s are finished. I just need to pick up a TS-13 handset to scan and complete the set.


OK. Problem solved. The field telephones (of which I have two) use the exact same handset with butterfly send/receive switch as the BC-1000 but with somewhat different wiring attachments. So one of these will be heading your way for scanning, along with the leather 45 holster and dummy prop weapon in the very near future.
Regards Mike

Made by the Kellogg Switchboard & Supply Company of Chicago

p.s. This is the TS-9 handset rather than the TS-13 because of using the different cords but the handset itself is the same.

p.p.s. In the 1940s these bakelite handsets (both military and civilian) were so heavy and massive they could be, and were used as a defensive weapon. More than a few skulls have been cracked using one of these.

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Great! I can’t wait to get them and start scanning! I’m still on disability (with no near end in sight) so I still have all the time in the world, for better or worse.

I think I finished the M3 Grease Gun. Yes, I plan on including one with an open dust cover in the set. Hopefully the stock prints well. Now on to the A1.


M3A1 also finished. The differences probably won’t be too noticeable in 1/35 but maybe in 1/16, if I ever get around to adding 1/16 stuff to my catalog. For the most part, the differences include a larger ejection port and dust cover, an additional detent in the bolt, the removal of the charging lever/bolt retraction lever, and the inclusion of the magazine loader (loading assist? I don’t know what it’s actually called) on the wire stock. There were a few other differences that I saw but they were so small (I noticed a slight change to the shape of the trigger compared to the M3) that they wouldn’t be noticeable even in 1/16.