MikeyBugs 3D Design and Printing Ideas

Gas can looks GREAT! Finally solves what has been a pet peeve of mine since the early days of Armor modeling.


So I got a new printer. This time it’s a Phrozen Sonic Mini 8k. It’s replacing the Anycubic Photon Mono X 6k that’s been giving me a bunch of trouble for the past few months. This new Phrozen printer is smaller, so it fits into my cabinet better, but higher resolution so the print quality should also be much higher. On a side note, if anyone wants a small DLP or a 6k 3d printer, lets talk.


I forgot, I scanned the helmet with the Mitchell cover. It’s a Vietnam-era liner. I also listed the AN/VIC-1 set, M1919A4, the binos, and the jerry cans

And US binoculars. M13 and Type EE with the scanned case. The M13 is also scanned.


Looking good, real good!


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So I got some very nice wood grain detail on the side support boards of the PA116. The real tragedy is on the top. I need to thicken that area and remove empty spaces to make sure it’s strong enough to actually print and survive cleaning.


Looks like it is coming along well. I wouldn’t worry about printing the tie-down straps, leave the slots for them and they can be added from masking tape or the likes.

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How about T55 light guards?

I agree with Gino, as adding our own straps afterward would make for more painting and detailing options. These are looking good!

I just got my free shipping Sportsmans Guide PA116 in the mail. My wife says “What are you gonna do with that?!” LOL

Ammo by Mig Jimenez does the light guards along with another company. If you need the lights, I have one that I did in full scale a while ago that I can scale down.

FC Model Trend is another.

@Dan, something like this?

I was working on this a few months ago. Noticed that there are so many variants of the guard. I’ll start a new discussion of it on my thread.

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Yes, thats it. I wonder if the variations have to do with the country who makes it?

All parts arrived today! I especially like the 30 cal and the BC 1000 radios. WOW

p.s. the grey resin for the lollipop mic is perfect! No painting required!

Mike, what is the URL to your shopping site? All I’m finding are Shapeways and a site in Greece.

The site in Greece is the one! It’s https://hobbymarket.gr/en/seller/27-mikesmsproductions

I’m currently on vacation so I won’t be printing anything for the rest of the week.

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Not at all impressed with the organization of that sell site at least not as it appears on my phone. Maybe on my computer it will be easier to use.

I do have to agree with the organization and I’ve mentioned it before to the person who operates it but he’s constrained by the website itself.

The website does function far better on my desktop computer. It needs all that extra acreage that a large monitor will provide to work properly. I don’t suggest trying to deal with it on one’s phone.

Best of luck with the surgery my friend. Wishing you a quick recovery! All the best


Thank you! I’m excited to get it done and out of the way.

In the down time I’ve had here on vacation (there’s been quite a lot), I’ve been doing some light work on the print catalog. I’m finally done with formatting and now I’m just making it look nice. I still have a few things I need to render and make “box art” for but that’s for when I get back. Here’s a page preview.