MikeyBugs 3D Design and Printing Ideas

I’m back and back at it. Starting off with a huge new order; it’s gonna be a long one. I knocked a bunch of renders out of the way and “rediscovered” some older designs I forgot about. I’m finally getting pretty close to finishing the catalog. Now I just need to stop adding new products for the time being until it’s released.


Welcome back Mike! Hope you are feeling better


Any more progress on the 120mm ammo pallets?

Nothing yet. Unfortunately I got swamped with orders while on vacation and now I need to work through them.


I just realized that I never listed any of the regular M4 carbines on the web shop… Looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me now.

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I do have some good news, some more good news, and some bad news.

The good news is that my surgery went well. I’m resting at home and recovering pretty well so far.

The other good news is that it looks like a PA-116 pallet actually printed well. I won’t known for sure until I get it cleaned up and that leads to the bad news

The bad news: I can’t work on any prints for a while. I’m going to be in a sling for a good few weeks and physically unable to lift the cleaning buckets, or run my hand held mixer (which is just a power drill with a paint mixer attachment). The PA-116 is a bit different because it’s a pretty big print so I can drop it in a wash bucket on my Wash & Cure and that’s that. Otherwise, I can’t process any prints but I’ll try to work on some CAD and my catalog.


Well, you get better soon. Take your time healing and we’ll keep you in our thoughts and prayers, brother.


Good luck on your recovery. We’ll be patently waiting while you heal.

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Get better and don’t worry about printing stuff. Great news on the PA-116 pallet. I can wait on them.

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Get well soon. :+1:

So now that my sling is off, I’m finally starting to get back to printing. I’ve been doing a little bit of design work in the 2 weeks leading up and I’ve been working on my catalog which is finally almost finished.


Welcome back Mike! Much looking forward to items like 1/35 PA-116 120mm Ammo Containers

Oh Mikey! May I be so bold as to offer up yet another challenge to your vast .stl and modeling abilities?

Please see “flat pack” drone video here. Perhaps in 1/35 scale? I think the Aussies are sending them to Ukraine.

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I can try it. The last time I tried a drone, the trailing edges of the all the flight surfaces crinkled and waved though.

Also, my catalog is finally available here: Mike's MS Productions 2023 Product Catalog.pdf - Google Drive


Great news! Note this is cardboard so crinkled trailing edges may be realistic? LOL

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So I’m now offering the M813 hood conversion on my shop. The hood was made by James Lee. This set consists of 6 parts: the two side walls, the hood, front grille, and 2 hood latches.


Thanks for crediting me @Petition2God. I only made the hood, and other parts like grill and sides are Mike’s work.


A few days ago I uploaded the rest of the catalog to the Hobbymarket site except the Tricon and the RIwP turet (I want to make sure that I can print it well first). So now everything from the AN/VIC-2, to the LVOSS Arming/Firing Units and all of the brand new stuff is available.

A little bit of a technical update here. So a few days ago I opened a new bottle of resin and found that it was very light. Not the nice dark gray that we all know and love, instead it’s a very pale gray almost while. It’s the same kind of resin, produces the same nice derail; it’s just a different color. Hopefully the next time I order resin, it’ll be the dark gray.

The Larkspur set. Left is the older dark gray, right is the new light gray.

I also haven’t been working on any projects for the time being while getting through the backlog of orders.


Wow! I didn’t realize it’s been nearly a month since I last posted any sort of update. First things out of the way, one reason why I haven’t been posting anything is because I’ve been a bit busy doing some literal housekeeping. Cleaning is annoying and takes time but it gets there. Second reason, I got a new computer. This time, instead of doing all my work on a laptop, I built myself a computer. It is definitely faster than my previous laptop and more versatile too (but definitely bigger).

Now for the updates. Here’s what I’ve been working on in the meantime.

Mk 12 Mod 1 and Mod 0 SPR’s. Mod 0 still a WIP.

Pz. IV bogeys and wheels for Wade Buff. The wheels are next up.

Colt 4x20 scope. It’ll be on the M16/M16A1 and M16A2

I also updated the M813 hood based on feedback of the rear being too thick and interfering with the kit’s cab. I’ve also started the battery box. The diamond plate has been a PITA to make but it’s getting there.

In non-screenshot related news, I played with the PA116 cans a bit and have a test set printing. Hopefully the palletized set prints well this time. I’m also still trying to improve the M1 helmets so the interior webbing actually prints. Recent prints have yielded a solid interior.

I have a couple more projects in the bag that I’m still working on but they’re not quite ready for the reveal yet.