MikeyBugs 3D Design and Printing Ideas

So I think this concludes the M813 battery box and air cleaner project. I also added a new front grill using rounded bars instead of flat slats and a version of the air filter cap that’s shielded. I’m not sure if it was used on the M800 but I saw it while browsing for pictures so I added it.


Very nice. The parts look great.

I updated the M813 hood product on my store. It’s now $21.80 with the new parts. I’ll set about printing it tonight to see how it comes out.

You can find it here: 1/35 M813 Hood Conversion, Mikes's MS Productions


I see you made the hard cover for the M1101. What’s the cost for doing the hard cover for the HMMWV

One thing I’d love to see if the 4-man soft top for the M998, so it can be fitter to the Tamiya M1025.

Verlinden did a conversion for the Italeri M998, both the 4-man command and the two door troop carrier. But it’s
Long OOP.

Yes. I know Italeri makes the kit, but I’d prefer to use the Tamiya M1025, much more versatile than the Italeri.


Looks excellent Mikey, great work!

Yes please!

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We need both versions. I wish I was cad smart and had a printer so I could stop begging the people who are good at this.


I don’t think I’d be able to pull off the soft top at the moment but I have been working on and off on another humvee related part for a while.

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You should out together a HUMWV set I’d buy them I would like to be able to convert the M1151 in to a M1152 contact truck.

Could you scan a fairly large piece of rippled cloth or canvas and then map it like a surface texture onto the soft top structure you create in CAD? (Please know I really don’t know what I am asking here! I just know I used to map pictures and textures onto my CAD designs in cabinet design.)

I’m fairly sure something like that’s possible but I don’t know how to do it or even where to start looking to find out how to do it. Getting the texture right isn’t actually my concern, there’s a cloth tool in Blender that can mimic cloth patterns fairly well. It’s what I was using for those garbage bags. My concern is actually getting the shape right.

Not to mention that you would have to create the framing for the vinyl top.



Then, there is the doors…


You get me the top and I can build that framing! Just say’n.

The framing isn’t too bad as long as I have a base Humvee kit to measure and make sure everything fits. It’s the top that’s the problem because of the canvas. I can take a crack at it in a while. I want to finish off a number of projects I have.


Take all the time you need, Mike. I know many of us want to add some soft-top M998s to our modern collections and would gladly pay for it. I know I would drop coin for that. :slight_smile:


That and any of the other non-kitted variants.

For once I would have to say that Vac-form seems the way to go on these cloth tops.

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Possibly. It’s more than doable through printing (although it might be expensive), I just don’t have the necessary skills yet to adequately pull it off

On another note… Gray resin is back! I finally got an resin order where all the resin is dark gray! I finally have that sweet contrast again. I also modified the supports on the LMTV LTAS cab so hopefully it’s easier to remove the supports and keeps the thin detail intact. I even slightly modified the supports on the doors and cab floor a bit but there wasn’t much to change there.

Also, update on the Panzer IV bogies. They do articulate. I’m currently modifying them slightly to fit together better. The rear arm doesn’t like to over the lead springs properly right now. I need to widen the opening slightly.

And update (and edit) the third. In the coming days, I’m going to try to build a filter system to filter my wash water. My current system involves 2 5 gallon buckets of water. I keep 1 inside to wash the prints in and 1 outside that dump the dirty resin into. I leave the one outside to cure the resin and evaporate the water but it doesn’t work well, being 5 gallons and all. So now I’m going to try a pump and filter system… Soon at least.


So… I just realized that I never uploaded the plain jane M4 carbines to my webshop… I don’t know how I managed to miss it but I did. I also don’t have the M16A2/M203 up there either. Along with a couple other things like the M35 dome light, Willys MB voltage regulator, or the AN/GRR-5 radio. These will be made available in the coming days.