Mini-Art Campaign 2021

Starting a thread for this here.

Here is from the Campaign Page on Armorama, although I’m not sure there will be a campaign gallery, or a badge?

Start Date: Dec 15, 2020
End Date: Dec 31, 2021

Operational Overview
I think this is the first Mini-art campaign on Armorama?

Build any kit from the Mini-art catalog.

It’s a 2021 campaign, but I set the start as mid-December this year in case someone wants to get started over the holidays. It’s a 12 month campaign because mini-art has a number of full interior kits and I wanted to allow enough time if someone wanted to build one of those.

The Rules and Regs

  1. Any kit in the mini-art catalog, any scale, any timeframe, any subject.
  2. Models can be stand-alone or in a diorama.
  3. Enter as many as you like but each modeler will only get one ribbon.
  4. Models must be no more that 25% started at beginning of campaign and you must post at least one photo of where your kit is at the start of the campaign in the campaign thread.
  5. At least two in progress shots of each model should be posted in the campaign thread and at least two finished shots in the campaign gallery.
  6. Model cannot be one used in another campaign.
  7. Oh yeah, have fun!

Great campaign group build! Right up my alley as I’m working through collecting and building all the Panzer IIIs. Finished the A, J, and M and have posted those here (Armorama) working on MiniArts B so that won’t count for this. Have MiniArts
C and D in my stash. Question…would the C and D qualify for this group build as I’m not sure if they are in MiniArts catalog (have not seen it)?

Glad this is here now, well done Phil. I have another question, I am planning on doing the Miniart 3 ton Service crane, and putting it on the back of an Opel Maultier, I already have the Opel, and it’s in its box still but will it be ok if I at least start putting some of its basic parts together ? The actual Miniart kit will be the crane, which I won’t start until the proper start date ??

Hah! I’m in…just found the catalog and both the MiniArt Panzer III C and D are in there…I’ll be doing the Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf. C (kit number 35166) for the group build here.

@Johnnych01: Sounds good to me. I haven’t figured out how to reply with quote yet…

Also, Ken found his kit in the catalog, which is great. I guess I put that (“in the catalog”) in there just to say that the kit has to be made my mini-art. If it’s a kit they made but no longer produce (then I guess maybe not in the current catalog) it’s still fine. I think mini-art keep their old kits listed on their website.

They make a lot of neat stuff and I’m looking forward to what folks do with it in this campaign.

I am still debating on my build as I would like to see the WLA on the shelf, just not confident on being able to finish it. The T-80 seems more realistic to me.

Thanks Phil, that will make it a bit easier if I can get started on the Maultier, at least the chassis anyway. I still haven’t written off the idea of doing a Lee or Grant yet though lol.

I am doing a Miniart ruin for this one. I am considering combining it with the waffentrager I am building for the trumpeter campaign.

I think it’s great if folks can combine builds from two campaigns. I keep waffling on what I’m going to do. There are so many cool possibilities.

I probably will do a T-70. Start small and seems not to complicated as I am returning to the hobby after a while and it will be my first campaign. Can always do another one later in 2021. :wink:

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I will be eager to see how the T-70 goes. I have looked at that kit a couple of times.

Still think that I want to build this one for my entry and make a simple vignette with it.

Randy :slight_smile:

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Hmmm, should I Join?
I have a Mini Art T-55 interior kit just waiting to get out of the box. Hmmm, might be too much though. Decisions…

The campaign is scheduled for a year, so you should have plenty of time.

Might do a twofer as I picked up the ball tank kit last night to go along with the other two non MiniArt ball tank kits I have.

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I may jump on the twofer idea as well @Tank_1812, I have ordered the 3 Ton Service crane which is going on the back of on Opel Maultier that I’m building now - but I may now get a Miniart Dio base to put it all on as a finishing touch … maybe the village base 36015 or the barn 36032…

This is going to be awesome.


I was looking at my T-80 latest night and had a similar idea of using the MiniArt base and building kits and wondering how many MiniArt kits I could use in one build, madness I tell ya.

LOL … I know, it could easily get out of control !!! blame @phil2015 haha

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But honey @phil2015 said I had to get more MiniArt kits. Not my fault, get mad at him not me. :joy: