Model Companies Histories and Historical things

Aurora, Revell Monogram:
Jo Han
Model kits of the USSR


Very interesting, thanks for sharing

Found these recently myself. Really fascinating stuff. Highly recommended.

Sweet find! Thank you

I watched the Aurora/Monogram/Revell and Tamiya videos, as well as a video for AMT (it was one of those side videos YouTube throws at you). One thing I learned, is that growing up, we (apparently) were pronouncing “Revell” and “Tamiya” wrong - Revell was pronounced “Rev-ell” - like it rhymed with “rebel”. And Tamiya, we said “Tuh-my-ya”, not “Tuh-me-ya”. Interesting to note how Tamiya’s 1/35th scale was developed!

I think Revell kits were a bit better than Monogram, even though Monogram had a slightly larger offering. But like it was said in the video, Monogram had some kits in 1/32nd scale, and others in 1/35th. And of course, if you wanted to build a tank and a jeep (for example), one would be in the 1/32nd scale and the other in 1/35th. Not that it would be that noticeable a difference, but still.

I remember getting a Monogram kit of an American 37 mm cannon, with 3 figures. I don’t think the kit came with a jeep, to pull the cannon around.

I remember Aurora came out with a line of armor in 1/48th scale. One nice little thing about those kits, they sometimes came with a molded “street scene” base - I think it was a King Tiger model I bought and it came with a base resembling a small bridge of some sorts.

As for AMT, I liked their 1/25th scale vehicles - I had all 3 fire trucks, plus the bulldozer, and several tractor-trailer kits. Unfortunately, the AMT instructions really sucked, and the fit of the parts wasn’t all that great. I still have a GMC “General” truck (as well as the box lid!), and I think I have another kit in the basement of a Freightliner cabover truck (it might be partially built - it was donated to me).

Ahhh, memories!

Thanks for sharing. These are great. I watched the one about Jo-Han a couple months ago. I love the histories of senior and expired model companies. I’ve only watched the one but want to watch them all.

How a model is made at the factory.

Monogram Diorama sheet history
Model Industry History IV: Monogram Diorama Sheets | KitMaker Network

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History of model scales
What is a scale model — a beginner’s guide to building great scale models | FineScale Modeler Magazine

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Trumpeter Models, a brief overview (
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Verlinden Productions: a quick overview (
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Bandai and Gundam: a quick history - YouTube
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ESCI model compant: a brief history (
Estes model rockets: a brief history (
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Nichimo / Nichimoco, a brief overview (
The Aurora Files: Military aircraft mold costs (
The Aurora Files: Monster mold costs (
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The Max, Peerless-Max, Schrieber-Max model company (

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The Squadron Shop, a quick history (
Glencoe Models: a brief history (

Interview with ICM Models management.

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A great little 1:35 model from Monogram I always felt was their rendition of the Little John missile:

Little John (2)

Prompted by the memories above(!)


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