Modelling armour in Ukraine crisis

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that holds the line…if it works it works…many surprises are coming


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An easy scratch build Idea if you have bits and bobs in spares


I’ll be back another modelling idea

The Ark ?


Indeed, surprises are coming :grin:

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:laughing: :rofl: :joy: :joy_cat: :laughing: :rofl:

Roller skates & tricycles are the next big innovation?

holding the counter attack with roller skates makes it awesome

It actually is for the RuZZian Army.

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I wonder if the deformation of the faces of the ARAT tiles is from just the heat of the fire or blast pressure as well.

My bradley will arrive tomerow and I’ll have to get a new needle for my airbrush (I bented it, I may try to get a ICM national guard kozak 2 with it).

Anyone got pics of national guard kozak during this war? I4ve foudn a destoryed 5-311 but not much.
For the bradey, I’m going for this option:

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Looking forward to it!