Monogram 1/48 cleytrack x 2

HI !
Here another project I have done in the past , Using the old MONOGRAM kit !.. If you like to view the WIP on them , I have set-up an GOOGLE page just follow this link:

Enjoy !

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I’m a huge fan of those little monstrosities. I have two myself I’m working on. You’ve done an excellent job with yours!

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GGGGlad you like them , Col do you have some pic of yours ?

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This thread has my Cletrtac build in it, among other things. Mine is not nearly involved as yours. In the thread I explain I want to pay homage to Shep Paine by using as much of the base kit as possible. Yours on the other hand is an absolute masterpiece.
My second Cletrac is in red and yellow plastic, kindly sent to me by Fred Boucher. Apparently is was from a Monogram missile kit. It will feature the engine from the Atlantis Fuel Truck kit. Flat head six, just like the Cletrac, but won’t be exposed like yours, so possibly a tad less detailed. :grinning:


I when and paid a visit to your tread, pretty cool and definitely a good choice using the ATLANTIS kit , you bet I’ll be following the balance of your WIP …! Go,go,goooooo

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If you like that old kit then you may enjoy this thread:

I’m curious which tracks you used for your builds. I’m guessing 1/35 half track rubber tracks. I may try something similar to yours on my second build. I’m considering casting the track units so that I can cut them apart and double up on the the idlers, the sprockets, and “road wheels” so there’s good details on the inside as well. I really kike how you went about it.

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AH RRRRRRRRIGHT !.. I paid a visit to the link an you bet I also will be following it also ! a big thank youuuuu for the link !

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