Moving and the New Hobby Room

Moving and this is the New Hobby Room.

The room is about 2/3 of the prior room and the closet is about half the stash storage space.

The pink strip just rocks doesn’t for a tank building room? Wink :slight_smile:

Very happy with room as it has an overhead light and I can probably dump that horrible living room lamp in the current room.

Thought about adding a ceiling fan.

Here’s the old set up. Will be looking to tweak naturally.

Have culled ~45 to 50 kits getting ready for move.

Will need to cull an additional box worth of kits probably ~15 to 20 more before moving the stash.


I pink strip would not prevent me from modeling.

The new room looks nice.

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It may get oversprayed with olive drab or US Desert Storm “Sand” in time :slight_smile:

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I agree the new room looks really nice! When fully done it may even rival @SSGToms Matt’s room. :wink:

I say 100% spray over with Olive Drab. Or if you want to be creative maybe even paint it in MERDC.


Oh Wade, don’t wait for “some time”, it will never come. Seize the day! Don’t move anything more into that new room until you get 2 gallons of dark olive or forest green and fix that room! You’ve got a clean slate there and the chance to make yourself a perfect space - don’t let it pass!


Olive drab was never used on model rooms of that era, and it’s missing a couple rivets. It simply won’t do.

Nice looking space for some model making!


I would seriously consider replacing that wall-to-wall carpet with something smooth and hard.
Eliminated the ‘carpet monster’ by removing its habitat

“Fake wooden flooring” a.k.a. laminate.
Some ideas here although I am certain that there are plenty of other vendors.

Spilled paint can be cleaned off reasonably easy, dust and other sh*t doesn’t cling to the rug et.c. et.c.

Indeed, probably would look “realistic for that era”. Maybe Zimmerit wallpaper & tri-color would be a better?

On serious note…

New paint & new floor covering are excellent points!

Will discuss with fiance and she how she feels.

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While Robin’s idea is good. If need be you can use a clear plastic tarp or clear plastic mat for computers as a cheaper/temporary solution.

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Fiance might buy into the idea about not wrecking the rug with paint stains, easier to clean for you et.c.
YOU will be doing the cleaning in the hobby room, it’s your dust et.c. and you know how to clean the stuff in there without causing breakages …

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Indeed have a clear plastic matt currently and it helps a lot. Would be nice to “upgrade” floor :slight_smile:

Definitely will be responsible for the cleaning of room.

Probably the biggest challenge will be convincing an 18 pound wrecking ball named Joey Jo-Jo Kat to stay out of the hobby room.

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That will be tough!

They don’t like it but I keep my hobby room door close. Sometimes I do have chase them out when they run in when the door is opened. It’s also my work office so it sometimes work to keep the wimmens out too but I am not as successful with that group. They just don’t seem to care what I say. :man_shrugging:

Yes, I will have to get in the habit real fast of closing the hobby room door. Never had to do that before as all of my pets were perceptive enough to not bother models or desk etc.

Hopefully, Kali Kat can help Jo-Jo understand protocol.

Provided the rest of the house gets new flooring, it can be changed in the hobby room.

So it looks like for the time being, I’ll be stuck with the carpet.

That’s okay, now you have more reason to order multiple kits, ya know incase you lose a part to the carpet

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…and I just sealed up the last box big box and eliminated my kit duplication…

Joey Jo-Jo scopes my US & UK armor kits.

There very well could be hardwood flooring under that carpet. Soon after moving into my home, I pulled up the horrible 70’s green shag carpet in the living room. Underneath was a hardwood floor, thin strips running parallel with the walls in a concentric sort of pattern. Just needed a little refinishing.

Been hesitant to get a cat myself, I know they’ll be climbing shelves and knocking things over.

Fiance? Oh Wade so she’s a trial wife. If she says no to the hobby room minimum requirements, then clearly she’s not the girl for you. :smiling_imp:


Indeed:) She’s a fine lady.

After tolerating my very serious hot rod hobby over many years, including a frame off restoration for my 3rd Gen Camaro, I don’t think the model hobby seems so bad to her :slight_smile:

Enlisted the help of the grand kids this evening as tank-jugglers, Panzer stickers aka model movers. The old hobby room is starting to look empty.

Have finish reorganization of the stash tomorrow.