NATO tanks in Ukrainian markings

With the introduction of NATO MBTs into Ukrainian service, it will be interesting what the markings and paint schemes will look like. From the info I got from a friend, Germany is supplying upgraded Leopard 1A4s instead of Leopard 2s and the Brits are supplying surplus Challenger 1s from a Middle Eastern country. The big question is, what variant of the M1A2 is Ukraine getting?


What I understood, is that the Leopard 1 deal is in addition to the Leopard 2 deal…

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The German Chancellor himself stated publicly that Germany were sending Leopard 2A6s.

I think your friend needs to stay off the drugs.

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Actually, he is mostly correct.

Germany has approved the sale/transfer of an additional 100 LEOPARD 1A5 tanks. This is in addition to the Leopard 2s they already approved.

Ukraine to Receive 100 More Leopard 1 Tanks as War Rolls Into Second Year (

There has also been discussion and questioning why and if the UK will buy back Jordan’s Chally 1s and send them to Ukraine as well.

Challenger 1: The Tank Ukraine Really Needs? (
UK warned it is sending ‘wrong tanks’ to Ukraine and could increase Russia threat | World | News |

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MSN and the Daily Express?

Are you kidding LOL?

Yep, I believe it, honest…

Okay, the bit about the Leopard 1s appears to be true (enough) although this is an addition to 2A6s, not instead of them.

But, what some guy (proven to have little credibility previously) talking head has as an opinion via a national Tabloid and what the UK Government has agreed to supply are two very different things. There doesn’t appear to be much traction in it, only speculative opinion.

Right, that is why I said mostly correct. We will see what shakes out. The Jordanian Chally 1 argument actually makes pretty good sense.

As to what markings/paint schemes they all will wear and which version M1A2 Abrams is eventually supplied, we will have to wait and see.

In fact, it does - to supply Challenger 2s would involve canibalising old stock - C2 is now obsolete of course.

I feel it won’t matter which M1 they get it will be superior to any Russian armor!

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It will be more important on how they are used. Any system can be defeated if used improperly.


Yup. Just look at how the Turks, Iraqis, and Saudis have handled their respective Leo 2s and Abrams… not exactly as they should…


I understand the Chally 1s supplied to Jordan were gutted of their electronic systems before delivery, but the Jordanians developed their own (superior) replacements. I hope if we go for a buy-back the Jordanians will not treat us as we did them.




I believe that the 105mm would still be effective against any Russian Armor.

And more accurate.

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With the way modern tank ammunition is; a 105mm tank shell fired from the L7A3 gun on a Leopard 1A5, with it’s upgraded the Krupp-Atlas Elektronik EMES 18 fire control system, will still be effective against Russian armor.

Let’s cross our fingers. :crossed_fingers:t4:

And for models; there will be a run up on Meng’s Leopard 1A5 kit.


The Leo 1’s may not be tasked with tank combat, so it could be a moot point. From very cursory readings they will be used like the new US light / medium fire support tank. Doled out to Infantry units as fire support vehicle’s

From what i’ve read; the Leo 1s are being sent in first, since it will take months for the Leo 2s to be delivered. Put these tanks, which are in surplus, in the hands of the Ukrainians in weeks.

Netherlands joins Denmark, Germany to deliver refurbished Leopard 1 tanks to Ukraine -

One major reason in the beginning about supplying was bridges not built to western tank standards.

Curious how any of these three if disabled beyond the lines will be retrieved on top of the weight of a M1070 or its likes. Imagining any disabled close to heavy fighting would be self destroyed. I am sure there are some tankers on here with better insight.

I sorta figure the U.S. will send the surplus M1a1’s as they still have quite a few. These will be replaced with the new M1X for Army use. They still have a lot of M1IP’s setting around, and these can’t be upgraded so I’m told. I’m more interested in the Bradley and Stryker deliveries than the MBT. They have plenty to spare, and are easy on the upkeep end. As for bridge laying equipment and river ferries; from what I hear they’ve been sending that stuff over there for quite awhile

Its not going to be pretty if any of them end up in Russian colors. PR nightmare.could be our Moskova.

The main adavantage modern Western AFVs have over their Russicst counterparts, is the ability to fight, effectively, at night, in all weather conditions. Of the invaders’ equipment, only the T90 (and later vehicles) have the capability to do this.

Go in at night, and it’ll be a turkey shoot.