New 1/35 Leopard 2A7V from Tamiya at Nuremberg toy fair

They seem to be on the inside, if you look at the corners.



Well, Tamiya’s decals will be thicker, no doubt.

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The kit looks great, but I´m very disappointed for that release. Taught that they gonna bring a new tooled M8 HMC, more since the did a 1/48 scale one.

Hope someone (Hey AFV Club, that´s on you), can make it.


More kit photos published on FB as a review sample:


And that’s pretty much the way it is these days. People ask me why I seem to have disappeared from the modern scene. I can assure them I have not. I just prefer to keep my name off of the side of the box (Master Box, Kinetic, Legend) or the instructions (AFV Club, Meng et al) these days. And these new companies do ask to keep things a secret. It is odd though, every time I post photos of something newish (M2A4, M1A2 SEP V3) it comes out a few years later. The fact that they don’t come with interiors is not my fault, by the way, for those in my circle who keep asking why. I’ve expanded my help with aircraft kits as well. So, some can continue their kitbashes in hopes something new will come out. I’ll just quietly continue working behind the scenes.
And after all that, thank you, Hermann for what you do. Personally I don’t find Tamiya kits that loathesome at all.


Just released yesterday …
Having examined the Border & RFY Models kits a friend of mine had already purchased I am more in favour of the TAMIYA kit to be honest.


Hi Rob,
I had nothing to with the research. A friend of mine with excellent connections to various armies made the appointment between Tamiya and the Bundeswehr. There are rumors that Tamiya was again “on the road” in Germany after this years Nuremberg show. Fingers crossed!


It might not be perfect (what kit is??), but I’m liking what I see in the vid. Knowing Tamiya engineering and ease of construction, thinking I’ll be picking up one of these.


None. And like you said, Tamiya engineering is second to none, the kits are accurate, fit is precise, and for those who complain about simplified details, consider this: You get a Tamiya kit with molded on grab handles - yeah, I know it sucks, right? Snip. (that was the sound of flush cut nippers.) Scratch scratch scratch. (That’s the sound of my little sanding pads mounted on a handle. As fast as I could type that - done. Then make the grab handles using your favorite method.

Or - Snip grab handle from sprue - on AFV Club kits and several other kits the attachment point is in the middle! Why oh why not the end? Search for appropriate tool to grasp tiny grab handle while removing sprue nub. Oh, and mold seam line as well. Decide in order to mold part they had to make it a little thicker than scale thickness, so…
Revert to second step above - make grab handle yourself from wire. Except now when you glue it in the holes with CA the holes are too big, so you end up having to fill those tiny little voids as well. I know what I prefer…

By the way, the new Tamiya 4x4 British Ambulance in 1/48? Very nice kit. Anything you have to replace (mirrors, step, rolled canvas) are things you’d replace on any kit from any manufacturer. Well, most of you would… :wink:


Good but not Perfect. New Kit but why didn‘t get the air conditioner on the right side in the hull the right numer of fins? Did tamiya their research secretly in the dark?

Mr. Lampe,
Can you show us what this A/C unit looks like? What does it look like on the kit and in reality (reference photo)?
Btw, did Tamiya at least got this right?

Hi, yes, tamiya got this right.
I meant the cooler in the tank hull.

For Tamiya Leopard 2A7V there are too much fins in the cooler exaust. I‘m fan of tamiya modeling but Ryefield and border did their job much better.

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Ah ha! Got it. So I went to my stash and checked the Border and RFM kits. Yup, theirs look more accurate.



Real thing:


Now THAT´s a tragedy! I hope the designer had to commit Seppuku for this. :frowning_face:

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:rofl: :rofl: seriously!

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Is that “edge” uneven?

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I think that’s due to the blurry video screen capture. At least I hope.

From the other photo above, they look even:


And theres to many vents isnt there ?

Yes. Tamiya did get that wrong

Here is a better view of the original … and Lampec is correct if Tamiya sticks with their “interpretation”

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