Next gen vehicle for those who don't do figures

Never forget the license is a minimum-standard test! :rofl:

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This just in, We’re looking forward to showcasing the new TRX SHORAD robotic combat vehicle at AUSA Global Force next week in Huntsville! See what else General Dynamics has planned for the show:


Ontos 2.0 :+1:


US Army declares full-rate production for new battle command system

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Another bridge drank well (well not to well it was Busch after all).


German Leopard 2A8 with Trophy APS.


it does look odd, needs a newly designed turret for all the add-ons…


It does look odd, needs a newly designed turret for all the add-ons…

Yes, it’s called the “Leopard 2 Next Generation” (tank on the left).


Does that have the Eurotrophy APS included?

The K51 Panther includes a drone in the turret, which is absent here, a parallel development to the Leopard NG tank.

I don’t know, but Trophy APS usually has oval RADA radars and external firing plates on the exterior and I don’t see these mounted on the Leopard 2 NG’s exterior.

If it does have APS, then it might be all internal within the turret.

I do think that it has Laser Warning Receivers as evident on the silver rectangle on the turret face.

Next-generation 55-ton South Korean Main Battle Tank, named K3, with remote 130mm turret.


From Modern Day Marine, BreakingDefense.

GM Defense displays modified Hummer EV design for military

BAE Systems displays its 30mm cannon variant Amphibious Combat Vehicle at Modern Day Marine. (Justin Katz/Breaking Defense.)

At Modern Day Marine 2023, GDLS displays its Small Multi-Purpose Equipment Transport (SMET). (Ashley Roque / Breaking Defense)

Israeli firm IAI showcases an unmanned infantry combat support vehicle at Modern Day Marine 2023. (Ashley Roque / Breaking Defense)

Polaris showed off its next-gen MRZR Alpha light vehicle at Modern Day Marine 2023. (Ashley Roque / Breaking Defense)

GM Defense displays its Infantry Squad Vehicle 4 with Black Sage’s Sawtooth Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System (C-UAS) at Modern Day Marine 2023. (Ashley Roque / Justin Katz)

A member of Rheinmetall Defence’s robotics family sits on display at Modern Day Marine 2023. (Lee Ferran / Breaking Defense)


And this, from Turkey, a heavy OMV…

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What an odd looking machine. Reminds me of those 80’s Cadillacs with the cut-off trunk profiles. Or maybe the Zumwalt-class destroyers with the reverse tumblehome.

I don’t know what caliber autocannon that is…looks like 25mm. Such a large vehicle for 25mm although it might carry a lot of ammo for the autocannon.

And looks like two ATGMs on the side. Most OMVs aren’t that large, but then again it is OMV, not UGV so perhaps it can accommodate a crew inside.

Looks to be a solid OMV. Can it carry troops…hence so large?

Turkey is making some ingenious defense systems…

“The launcher of the new L-SAM anti-ballistic missile system was spotted during military parade rehearsals at the Seoul Air Base in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province.” --Defence Blog and below photos too.

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" South Korean conglomerate Hanwha announced last week that its Arion-SMET light robotic combat vehicle will undergo field tests at the U.S. Marine Corps training center." --Defence Blog and below photo.


Rise of the machines… would make for a cool model, in large scale.


The quadrotor drone in the back of the TRX SHORAD is pretty neat…I didn’t know that it had that.