Not happy miss the old days

I have been a “lurker” for years on this sight and joined silently in the back ground a while ago. I have learned an insane amount of knowledge from some of the best people in our hobby. But I have also seen a downward trend of members of this sight ridiculing other members. I have watched as knowledgeable members of this site get harassed and have left for the sole reason that they have never shown their work. You know who you are! I have been modeling for over 50 years, and have done commission work for the past 20 and I still do not feel comfortable just putting it out there for all to see. My point is that I HATE this emoji crap that has been added. Too many times people respond with crying, laughing what not but never is there a reason for it. If you are going to respond then for the love of XXXXXX tell us WHY you responded the way you did! End of rant.


It happens across all modeling forums to one extent or another.Its a reflection of society in grneral.

Yeah, unfortunately. You would think “fringe hobbies” with small and tight communities would be very positive, and yet… Even the gardening community is full of vile attitudes, which I just can’t understand.


It is not surprising to me, your taking lots of introvert (mostly) and they are doing extrovert tasks. Things will naturally go wrong. The vile of safety from the internet does not help. Where most wouldn’t say the same things in person cause :facepunch:.


As I remember it there isn’t that much difference.
The last week or two has seen some ruffled feathers and upset feelings due to
the invasion of Ukraine but there were similar periods on the old site as well.
People come and go, some left simply because they did not like the changes
due to using Discourse to implement this site.
Some things were better on the old site, some are better here.
People left the old site as well.
Some have knowledge but don’t build all that much.
Some have knowledge and build.
Some build without much knowledge (and can hopefully find knowledge here).
Some are introverts, some are not. A few are kooks but most are not.


My impression is the vast majority of gnashing of teeth is contained in the off topic area - where it belongs. It’s key :key: for each us to strive to be civil for sure. I usually just steer clear of topics that aren’t of interest to me.

Off topic can function as a safety valve to help avoid spilling into other areas of the forum. I’ve enjoyed seeing the different points of view expressed. Honestly, I find the current event discussions refreshing as sometimes as certain types of modeler can get a little too OCD, serious, pendactant, self important & salty about the hobby. Most of that goes with the personality types the hobby often attracts. Learned to take most of that with a grain of salt long time ago.

Enforced silence aka censorship is far more offensive in most cases than a few overly enthusiastic introverts or Asperger’s types getting their dandruff up via verbal fisticuffs.

Ultimately willful ignorance is like black mold, it slowly spreads as the likeminded ban together in clichés and censorship is enfored. Open discussion is the open air and sunlight that helps inhibit the mold.


I thought Russ’s original point was that some knowledgeable guys who didn’t post pictures of their own work have been targeted, and departed this site as a result. I’ve been around for six years without noticing any of that, is this really a thing…? Whatever, I can understand some irritation with someone who may appear to have little/no knowledge, never heard of Google or can’t be bothered, and doesn’t show their own stuff either. But at worst that’s a victimless crime, they can be just screened out & their topics muted - if you’re spoiling for a fight go fly to Kiev.

As for emojis, the old site had a bunch of them too – way worse than the current selection :expressionless:


and I don’t need to create a meaningsless post just to say that I like
what someone else posted, I can simply click the heart icon and be done with it.
Easier for other readers as well, don’t need to scroll through a number of ‘Oh nice!’,
‘Well done’ et.c. Simply note that a build has received x likes and continue with the
posts that actually takes the topic forward. Constructive comments for instance


Emojis are both a plus and a minus. Unless you’re familiar with the mindset of another forum member you may misinterpret the intent of their post. An appropriate emoji can help there. Sarcasm is not always evident… especially if you do it right.
The other side is the tendency for some to include an emoji or even a family of emojis with each and every post they make.
To me it’s like swearing. If you use it too often it loses its impact.


and the 10 missing characters


Nor me … Im just here for the ride :grin: And on a personal note, I think this new site seems more friendly in that, since the cross over, I have had a lot more contact with more site members from across the world- in threads and emails both here and personal outside of the site, which I think is a good thing, and met a few which has been a bonus.
And If I dont like a particular thread, its the mute button or if its a person, they get it as well.

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I should clarify that I have not witnessed any outright badgering of any members recently. What happened was way back in the past on the old site.
My main objection to the emoji’s is when people use a sad, crying or laughing symbol but do not elaborate as to why. Is there something wrong with this model being reviewed? If so please tell us your thoughts as to why. As a community we learn from each other and I am deeply grateful for every thing I have learned from you all through the years but I find it tedious if I I have to spend hours researching a subject to try and figure out why someone thinks it is “wrong” or “laughable” when they could have just said hey this part is not right on this vehicle in this time. And I apologize as this this was not the right place to post this. Admins please move or remove as you see fit.


Its a fair point Russ, but I have only ever seen the emoji’s used in a fun context, not a malicious one. And if ever they were and it was raised, the Mods here are normally like greased weasel pooh and all over the offender pretty quick. Also, a lot of people here chat and share banter in threads on or off topic, so for instance, if I send an emoji to say Tank1812 or SSgtToms, I know they will understand the context it was sent in.
If any one is ever overly critical of anything I have posted ( ie a kit ) - if its a genuine mistake on my part I will just accept that (especially if its from someone who has used that bit of kit in a 1 to 1 sense) and know it wasnt sent in a nasty way, or if its an arm chair general and just being a rivet counter, I will more than likely laugh to myself and ignore it.


These questions need to be brought up and aired to avoid becoming a stink later.
I didn’t respond directly since I could be seen as part of the “establishment” and therefore
possibly not objective. I let some others respond first …



I have. I wound up changing my settings to ignore the “gentleman”. Life is too short to deal them.


The Ignore button is a wonderful tool :+1: :grin:


Yes, it is. I make it a point to ignore myself on a regular basis. :grin:


Good plan! One shall not take oneself to seriously,
it can lead to all kinds of mischief


I love the :slightly_smiling_face: saying, I’ll have to use this.

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Lol … Be my guest … It’s an old classic :grin: