Ordered HEMTT A4 suspension

This is to announce that I just ordered a HEMTT A4 suspension from Shapeways. It goes for 27 Euros incl. shipping and will arrive estimated at March 28th. Stay tuned.

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I’m looking forward to seeing how it looks. Is that for all 4 suspension units? If so, that is a great price.

Hi Gino, unfortunatly this is the price for just ONE unit.:frowning: Buy 4 units 30 Euros each plus the engine for over 100 Euros and you know why I am hesitant about building a HEMTT A4.

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I agree, just checking as I thought that might be the case. Fingers crossed for Trumpeter to come out with a plastic version.

Just saw that I need “only” two suspension sets, the front axles suspension have could be modified. This will make together with the engine “just” 135 Euros.

I don’t know about that. All the A4s I have seen have front and rear with the air bag suspensions. Unless the Shapeways set has two of the pieces shown, you will still need four units.

Hi Gino,
yes, the air bags are present on all 4 axles. But the arms have different attachments. I hope the pics will tell what I mean.
Front suspension

Rear suspension

It´s difficult to see with the wheels on.

looks like a Neway air ride suspension on the rear , pretty common on large trucks

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Here is my interpretation of the HEMTT A4 suspension and engine compartment.


Looking pretty good. Interesting on the front suspension. I’m not sure that is how it is. It looks clunky to me. Why wouldn’t they just put two of the same units like the back? Its hard to see what is going on in the above reference pics as well.

The engine area is coming along nicely as well. Good job on the vents.

Vents are from Italeri M109 kit.

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I have sent an email to Oshkosh asking for any drawings or any other details they have on the A4 suspension. We shall see if I receive anything.

I don’t know about Oshkosh, but I emailed Mack a few years ago when doing my M123A1C and they sent me multiple pages of 11"x20" blueprints for the truck. It was awesome and a great help to building it.


Thanks for trying. In the 1990, I contacted Oshkosh and other defense companies. Got 1/35 scale line drawings from M977 and M978. That´s why we have the excellent Trumpeter kits now.

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Now Trumpeter just needs to do the M977A2 and M978A2 (with fuel dispensing gear), followed by A4 versions for all as well.

Hast Du meine A4 Bilder? Die kriegst Du umsonnst natürlich.

Servus Rob, nee HEMTT A4 hab ich ncht von Dir. Danke fürs Angebot!

Hallo H-H.

I think, you know these pictures.

Good luck with your project.


Trumpeter finally is going to release the recovery versrion

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Yup, sprue shots and details here:

Gino is that suspension item from Shapeways also the center (fifth) axle on the PLS?

Is that center axle powered or unpowered on the 10x10?