Photographer Figures - from AK Interactive

Another small inaccuracy in this kit . . .

Perhaps just a little thing but . . . .

The map case (or whatever case) this guy is using to carry his film holders WOULD NOT be leather. It would be Canvas.

(Besides this makes the figure painting a bit easier as you don’t then have to paint that sholder strap in leather either.)

MapCase B12 is canvas NOT Leather

Unless this guy stole a leather map case off a German of Japanese Officer, (totally possible) US map cases and most all other web gear would be canvas. (Except for holsters.)

p.s. By-the-by; Feel free to give this guy at least a 1911 side arm in a red/brown leather holster.

M1938 US Army Issue Map Case:

A Reproduction: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . An Original:

This post is basically off-topic!

I use an old 5x7 wooden film holder as a wall hanging picture frame for this pre-1938 portrait I have of my Dad.


Those wooden film holders are way too nice to throw out… and you’ve found an excellent repurpose for them! :film_strip:


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Another reference as to what the Graflex should look like in the normal, “ready to shoot” position:

Guys . . . the Camera, NOT the girl (lady!)


Obviously a posed photo. Some kind of photographer’s pin up poster?

Don’t know about the posed nor the girl but I do know the camera is “posed” correctly.

Also the girl appears to be a Canadian Airman. So image is post 1948???
I leave the uniform insignia up to those more expert than I on the subject.

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Uniform is about 10 sizes too big for her.

Michael Goldberg @MikeyBugs is making great progress on creating a very accurate Speed Graphic camera in 3D CAD.

When these become available I will be his first customer!



Possibly to be available in 3 versions:

  • Camera Closed
  • Ready to Shoot
  • With Rear Viewing Hood Open
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Peter, @petbat What do you think this rig might be? I know it is a double camera mount bracket on the same tripod but is the boxy camera perhaps an early video camera?

The Germans televised the Berlin Olympics so we know they had video cameras.

Revising the Speed Graphic in the AK Photographer’s set:

All you need to do is cut the rear portion of the bellows as shown here and use only the front section for your camera.

CutHere1 CutHere2

My now revised Speed Graphic. The Bellows is still not really short enough but I felt if I tried cutting it any shorter, given that it was already assembled, I would destroy the small model camera entirely.

And the progress on the Arriflex Movie Camera:
Seen here with base coat of Gunmetal paint only.

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Just a Footnote Here:

I constantly revise, edit and add to my prior posts right up to the moment the Discourse Software cuts me off from further editing (about 30+ days in) So you might want to scroll through the past posts for photos and comments not seen prior. ~ FYI.

Hi Mike. It is an Askania Z 35mm movie camera.


It had an internal reel system - one reel each side:

Here is another pic of Horst Grund using his at Sevastopol Jan 1942:



In the pics above, The lens being used are made by Astro of Berlin:

The carry case for it:

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Thank You

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Found some of the reference photos for the Arriflex:

The lighter green colour:

Dark Grey one with black reel:

Film Reel carry all

The housing with flap used to ‘protect’ the top of the power pack:

Askania Z used at Dunkirk:


Some Progress:
I never said I was an accomplished figure painter!

I have removed the flash gun and the hand grip from my little Speed Graphic here and modified the left hand to be holding the camera more correctly. I have also opened up the left elbow to have the guy holding the camera more away from his body. I will have the right hand gripping a film holder as though he is about to insert it into the back of the camera.

Photog Photog2

I will later add back the canvas carry strap as a seperate piece of material over the guy’s left hand.

0582737d39d23edfe8568560459c2d6fc8dd542a_2_499x375 2d6e57aa3cf051dd954d3367f344bfd741cdc328_2_375x500


Finally making some progress -

Got sidetracked helping out with repairing some 1930s Barclay lead soldiers for a friend.

Here is our US Combat Photographer.

I still need to add some foil strap-age to the camera and the musette bag and also surgically reattach the poor fellow’s left thumb but he is getting close.

. Smile!

Again, if I had it to do all over again I would change the guy’s standing angle at his waist so he would be more upright. Leaning forward like that the poor fellow’s back is never going to last out the war!

Now how did these Great War, Barclay guys get in here?

Both these guys were broken off at the ankles and the one running had no base at all.
I got lucky here. These repairs were more blind luck rather than the product of any specific talent. These guys are hollow so some tight fitting plastic tube and some super glue put them right back together and the missing base came off an even more broken soldier figure.

(Seen here is the original paint and my friend did not want me touching that.)


Yeah, I gotta work on that guy’s face. He looks like a lepper.

Off to the “Show of Shows” Militaria Event in Louisville so no progress here for the time being.

Have fun. And don’t forget to take the News Crew with you. :camera_flash: