Predator Jungle hunter

I am building a diorama for my Predator Jungle hunter and I will be needing your help. This kit is a great kit that is made of resin so it is heavy! Also, the height of the figure is approximately 14 inches or 1/5th scale.
I would like to make a jungle scene as realistic as some of the jungle dioramas that are in 1/35th scale! I have asked around on different sci-fi sites and most of them suggest to go with the aquarium foliage path. I looked at some of the plant life at aquarium stores and to me they look very unrealistic.
So my question to all of you is this, does anyone know of some tutorials that would give you a SBS way on how to make realistic jungle foliage?
I also went on youtube but couldn’t really find much.
Thank you

Chris, have a look at these… They look pretty good to me ?


PTO 1/35 LVT (A) 1 Diorama

Looking forward to seeing the predator…:+1:

To be honest, I think that in that scale you’re confronted with having to scratch-build the foliage if you want really realistic looking plants and ground cover.

I’d suggest studying up on how artificial flowers are made from paper, silk and wire. I’d think that with some modifications, those techniques could be adapted to make large scale jungle foliage. Bamboo can be made from wood dowels with carved joints, and tree trunks and roots can be made from traditional modeling materials and techniques (textured armatures using epoxy putty and other materials for the texturing).

Good luck! I’ll be looking forward to seeing some photos and WIP shots!

I asked a similar question a few months ago and the only valid answer I got was to paint them, and especially to lighten the edges and tips of leaves with a yellowish-green.
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For that scale, have a look at Reptile Tank foliage. Pet stores or online sources. Some are not cheap when you need the quantity you are looking at, but maybe as an add in? Cheaper stuff may need a little paint job:

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As all this stuff is made in China, it is available on Aliexpress at really cheap prices.
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Try the crafts stores like Michael’s. They carry a lot of plastic foliage that would work.

I suggest you go to ETSY and find someone who has a laser cutter and then hire someone to download a 3D file of laser plants and laser cut that 3D plant file to your scale.

Or you can contact a 1/35 laser plant maker and see if they can make you a custom order for 1/4 and 1/5 scale. This all depends on how much you want to spend and how many laser plants that you want.

Or check out this seller…

I would NOT go the aquarium plant route because you can spend a lot of money on your “jungle” with all these plastic aquarium plants because you will need a lot of them. Go the ETSY fern route for $15.37 cents and you can get free shipping when you spend $35+ from one seller.

Jungle…some plants are as big as a hand…

Again, it depends on how much you’re willing to spend and how much you want. ETSY should suit your jungle needs and you don’t need to buy from all one seller.

You might consider the use of real plants - ie whatever takes your fancy - and use glycerine to preserve them; there’ll be a tutorial on that somewhere on the www I’m sure.