Railroad Campaign (s), Anyone?


Who is up for a campaign or two here at RRM? I’m open for ideas. Two ideas I have is build a station or depot, or a rail car.



I would like to do something like that. I have a mini-art gondola car I’d like to build. A group build would be a good incentive.


Hi Phil,

I have a few subjects. The moist recent one is a 1/72 Panzerzug with a 2cm Flakvierling 38.

This campaign would, of course, be open to civilian subjects, too.

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I’ll participate in this.

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Welcome Kosprueone!

I am way ahead. No rolling stock in stock for me anymore while my current project is entering the stage that starts to warrant a base plate…

Understand. You have some railroad cars looking to join that diorama of yours. But if you reconsider, you will be welcomed to participate.

Hi Fred, funny enough I just received an old Athearn blue-box GP38-2 shell that will replace the shell on a GP40-2 to make one of the LIRR’s '38s! But I’m not sure exactly when I’ll get round to it so it depends on your timescales. (My AMS with trains got fairly intense over the years, we’re looking at a ton of super-detailing needed…)

The unwanted '40 will donate its cab to another '38 that for some reason was fitted with a Canadian-style wide cab by a previous owner, but that’s a whole 'nother project.

I do have Leopold in my stash, but I doubt I will be able to start it before the campaign ends, with everything I have in mind.

Hi Erwin,

Actually, you may be able to start the Leopold. I am planning multiple campaigns, staggered as necessary. The original post is to gauge interest and to “run it up the flagpole to see who salutes.”

Three ideas I have are:

  1. Rolling stock (freight cars/passenger cars/non-revenue cars, military/civil)
  2. Lineside Structures (stations/bahnhofs/depots/water towers/fuel depots/bridges, etc.)
  3. Locomotives
    Start date for each of them undecided. I can plan to start the one you would build Leopold when you have the time. Your thoughts?
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  1. Rolling Stock, would be my primary interest in this
    1. then lineside structures would be a close second or maybe a secondary build in the campaign…

I just saw this post.

You know that you can count me in Fred. I would be more than happy and excited to take part in a railroad campaign. :slight_smile:

Thank you,
Randy :slight_smile:

The main problem will be the available space. If that would not be the case, I might have entered. On the other hand, if rail infra is an option, I might put a piece of rails in a project I have already in mind! Fire away! Or better: all aboard!!!