Regarding recent political postings in the main forums

Continuing the discussion from Stuff that didn't belong in the Creative Models plea thread:

Let me be super 100% clear to all staff, moderators and members of the forum.

POLITICAL RANTS and other such stuff can only be allowed in the Off-Topic Shenanigans forum. Access to the Off-Topic Shenanigans forum can be granted by simply joining the Off-Topic Group in this area:

If you aren’t a member of the group, you won’t see the off-topic posts.

Members who don’t like to view these types of posts are free NOT to join the above group (or leave it).

I don’t want to see any such posts like the above appearing in the normal modeling forums. Period.

We will allow postings like those several vendors have made to update people on their status and health and to make a plea for aide. Those posts can be made anywhere in the forum they are warranted. However we will not allow those posts to degrade into political banter and frankly… bullshit. Stay on topic!

I hope I am being clear.



important message despite the completely unnecessary “bullshit” remark.

Amazingly difficult to find on the site though even when it is pinned globally?

On the contrary, the “bullshit” comment is completely relevant in fact I’d have preceded it with, “Hysterical, unverified”…


Updated the original post to reflect the new group, etc.

Kinda like going into a S&M establishment… enter at your own risk voluntarily… :wink:

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